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well, i am officially a bandit. I wasn't too nervous and everything went well. Woke up in recovery thinking i was having a heart attack but it was just gas pain. I have to admit the sorest part of me for a while there was my lower back, me and hospital beds aren't friends! The only pain i have is wound soreness. I've had a few constrictions in the chest and i burp and it goes away. I never want to do a contrast swallow ever again!! It was SO foul, i dry reached. Of course. One of my nurses was naughty and gave me oral panadol in tablet form twice before i had my swallow, she was new. I said to her are you sure? And shes like yeah, your due some pain relief so i was like okayy... I looked at her and said i was scared and she looked at me blankly and said theres nothing to be scared of!! Thank god they went down perfectly! I was discharged sometime after 11 and have slept alot. Don't like getting up and down, it sucks!

So i'm glad it's over, i can start looking forward to losing my weight!

Anyway i'm feeling abit bleh so i'll leave it here. Good luck to people getting banded tomorrow. You'll be fine!

Peace, love & apple juice,

CUB :)

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