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Mini Unfill



I went to my clinic appointment today and as usual, got weighed. I've lost 4.8kg over the last 9 1/2 weeks which averages out to 0.5kg per week, which they're very happy about. When I mentioned to the nurse that I was a little disgruntled at my weight loss having slowed down and that it came off in chunks now with plateaus inbetween she waved her arm towards the waiting room and said, "You're doing better than most of the people out there."

I had a big talk with the surgeon about heaps of things and feel much better now. She said as long as I'm getting to the gym 3-4 days a week that it's enough and reducing my time spent at the gym to 3 x 2 hour sessions per week is fine. She said a lot of people on 'diets' have only 1200 calories a day but that it's just not enough long term and that I should be aiming for around 1400-1500 calories per day. That I can do. I told her that I'm having 3 meals per day but that I'm absolutely not having half cup serves and that I'm having more like 1 cup serves otherwise I just can't get enough calories in as my tastes have changed so much and most of the foods I eat are low calorie. (An example is that if I halved my current breakfast obsession of low-fat ricotta with pineapple and raspberries to only half a cup I'd be having only 80 calories. Definitely not enough.) I told her I know I'm fine calorie-wise but I'm worried about developing a pouch. She told me that as long as I eat slowly I won't develop a pouch. She said people tend to develop pouches when they eat very large meals quickly. I'm just not even able to do that these days so that's put my mind at rest. I also told her that since my last fill several months ago I'm feeling too tight a lot of the time and have a bit of trouble eating, and a bit of trouble with reflux from time to time. I asked if I could have 0.1ml taken out and I know it sounds like a ridiculously small amount but my logic is that the last time I had a fill I had 0.2ml put in which took me from not tight enough to sometimes too tight ... so I figured that if she took out half of that, ie. 0.1ml that it would be perfect. She agreed and took 0.1ml out. I've already noticed a difference as I had a turkey and salad focaccia for lunch and that meal would have usually caused me quite a lot of difficulty but it went down without any pain at all and didn't get stuck even once. I still felt satisfied and have only just now, over 4 hours later, gotten hungry.

I've passed the clinic's expected weightloss (under 99kg) so talked to her about what my goal should be and whether or not I need to take into account the estimated weight of my excess skin. I told her I estimate that I have around 7-8kg of excess skin so wouldn't like to go under 80-85kg and she said that sounded like a good goal.

Hopefully I'll continue to steadily lose weight, even though it's slowed down a lot now. I live every single day in fear that I'll fall back into old habits a little bit at a time and not even notice. If I stay this weight now, I'm happy, but I don't want to start regaining weight. I've worked too hard.

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It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job! If you've managed to get to a point with your band where you are happy with what you are able to eat and you have changed your eating habits so that you aren't eating junk AND you work out so well... I think you can cut yourself some slack mentally and give yourself a pat on the back! You HAVE worked so hard and are doing / have done so well!! You are an inspiration! Don't live in fear - look at how wonderful you are! Well done! Hope I do as well as you! ;)

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