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Yet another fill....



So ive been AWOL for a while. Extremely busy over the holidays, and planning my wedding. Ive been going through a huge mental stall with my weightloss. My wedding dress is already a tiny bit big so ive been using that as an excuse to eat whatever I want. im so torn between wanting to lose more weight and needing to maintain my current dress size so my dress wont need to be alterred too much. Theres only so much you can alter a $1500 dress until it becomes unwearable.

Anyway, my lowest weight so far (around christmas) has been 73.9kg. Im currently sitting back at around 76kg. I decided to go and get a fill because I was getting hungry between meals and physically able to eat too much. Im not even sure how much fill I have now, it must be up around 9ml now!! Eek! But I do think its helping, my interest in eating has dropped significantly in the last 2 days, although trying to keep hydrated enough in this heatwave is proving a challenge. To drink a minimum of 2L, I have that horrible "full" feeling all day. Its also reminded me a couple of times to slow down, which I havent really experienced until now. Fingers crossed this will be my sweet spot.

Im really excited and looking forward to my wedding day but I'll be glad when its over and I can get on with reaching my goal weight. Id really love to get to my goal before we have another baby. And I REALLY want another one, very soon!


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