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3 days in Bandit land...

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Well, today is the 3rd day since banding and I have to say it's been okay, not like I expected though. I wasn't nervous before my op but I'm nervous for all the things that can go wrong from here on in!! Port flippage, band slippage, sack stretching OMG!!! Seriously!! I think people who know you've had it done and know someone else who has had it done, get pleasure out of telling you their friend of a friends horror stories!! Haha

So yesterday we drove home from Perth and added an hour onto our trip from the stupid fire blocking the coastal route. I woke up feeling really good, I'd found a best friend in our couch in the hotel. It was the only place I could get comfortable due to my back. I have to say the worst pain I've had is back pain. Lower back pain is not my friend. I'm naturally a side/pookoo sleeper and my back is very disapproving of me sleeping on it! Since the op I've woken at about 12am with an incredibly sore back, so I walk around for abit and then settle on the couch. Panadol doesn't really help it though which sucks.

I don't think the pain of this operation is something that people should be desperately nervous or scared about. I mean there are holes in your stomach and yeah they hurt, but only when you move! I didn't have any shoulder tip pain so I can't comment on that one. I guess the scariest part of it all is the unknown. The whole process is relatively easy though :) I don't know whether I have a high pain threshold or if it just wasn't that painful but seriously, the worst pain I have had is my back.

I'm looking forward to my mum going shopping today so I can have stuff other than juice in my diet. Yesterday I should mention was quite a horrible day. I started out feeling amazing but after our 5 hour trip I was just wrecked, really, really uncomfortable. But this morning I'm good again.

So I can't wait until the day when I can sleep comfortably on my side and pookoo again! That's all I care about haha is sleeping comfortably!! I love sleeping :)

Anyhoo, today I'm going to aim for more water because I think last night I was actually a little dehydrated.

Oh and thanks for all the well wishes peeps :D esp, you Faye :D

Peace, love & sutures,

Cub :D

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Sounds like you doing well. It's all down hill (painwise) from here I'm sure.

I am day 10 post op and I've been really good. The only pain I had was shoulder pain, but that left on day 8.

Your long trip would have really exhausted you and definetely drink heaps of water. I went out for a long day yesterday and have that funny dehydration headache. I don't want to add any problems to what I already have, so it's big drinky's today!

I'm sure you will get comfy soon once that blasted back pain goes.

All the best, look forward to following your journey.

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Hi Cub I'm also on day 10 and am feeling better than even before the op as am about 8 kilos lighter so thats gotta help. The only pain I have had since op is bloody constipation and that was my own doing as I didn't drink enough .. :o So please make sure u drink heaps and stay hydrated...I am a side sleeper also and was happy that it was about night 4 when I could finally sleep on side with my hugging pillow :blink:

Hope ur back pain has eased...

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What the hell is pookoo?

Stick a pillow beneath your knees while youre on your back and that should help to straighten out your spine lovey. I do it all the time coz my back is bad....and when i wanna lie on my side i put the pillow between my knees. It helps. Theres nothing worse that a bad nights sleep. Im with you baby, i love my sleep!!! So hopefully it wont be long till u can get comfy again.


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