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A journey of 1000 miles starts with one step

Sorry for the cliched title. I loathe the word journey, hijacked as its become, but to be honest, I can't actually think of what else this is.

A journey, an exploration, a study in self - it's many things - it's also a long overdue admission that I - Ms Very High Self-Esteem - am now so overweight that it's actually affecting my health. I can't be in denial any more, something needs to be done.

I had lunch two weeks ago with my son's best mate's mum. I hadn't seen her for a while and she looked fantastic. I knew that in the past she had used Duromine to lose about 10-12 kg and thought she must have been on that but she said "didn't I tell you? I got a lap-band done in November. Best thing I ever did!". She has lost 11 kg (even over Christmas! I was very impressed) and reckoned it was so easy and why she didn't do it years ago she'll never know.

I was fascinated. I listened hard to everything she told me and went home thinking "I think I need this".

I am lucky to have a very supportive partner who loves me regardless of what I look like but all the same, I know he is very pleased that I've decided to do this.

I made an appointment to see Prof. Paul O'Brien on 18 February but was excited to get a call saying there was an earlier appointment, so I went yesterday, 11 February. I was horrified to see what my weight was - 90 kg - BMI 35.6. I even find it hard to type that terrible number, but I knew it was time to face it. I am only 5'1" - 5'2" if I'm really lucky and 90 kg is appalling for my height. I had a hard enough time last year facing turning 50, then acknowledging I was actually going through menopause, now this. All these unfaceable things must now be squarely faced.

Prof. O'Brien told me that my ideal weight is 63 kg (is it a sign? I was born in 1963...*cue spooky music*) and that I have 27 kg of excess weight but should aim to lose 18 kg to get to 72 kg. I responded "I look awesome at 70 kg". Like I said, I have a very healthy self-esteem :D

So I got given all the paperwork and spent most of last night completing it - I absolutely couldn't complete the 40 page questionnaire in one hit so I did half last night and the rest this morning. I've had my GP sign the forms for the super fund, and tomorrow I'll post it all off.

My surgery is scheduled for 24 March 2014 unless the super fund comes through quickly and there is an earlier spot, which I will take.

I'm nervous and excited. I'm worried I will fail. I'm curious if I will succeed and if that success will be fast or slow. I fret that I'm a boredom eater and often eat when I'm not hungry. I wonder if I will still have the urge to buy a packet of biscuits or a block of chocolate and hide it in my office drawer to nibble on during the day. I am worried how I will cook for my partner and son when I don't feel hungry. In short, I have NFI what is ahead of me!

If I'm brutally honest (and why shouldn't I be here? No one knows who I am, there are no expectations, I can truly be myself), I've always been a bit of a "happens to other people" type. But this time it's happening to me and I have to face it.

I am fat. Horribly so for my height. I am sick of shopping in the fat chick's section. I am sick of not wearing sleeveless things. I'm sick of trying on bigger and bigger sizes to find something that fits. I've always had big boobs, but even I'm shocked at the sheer scale of the bras I'm wearing now. You could parachute safely to earth from a plane with one of them! I'm sick of seeing people I haven't seen for ages say "wow, you look really well" - when we all know that "well" is a weasel word for fat. Sometimes I even supply them with the word they can't bring themselves to say. I am nothing if not blunt.

The Prof's letter to the superannuation fund, by necessity, has to be blunt, but man, it was really tough seeing the words "quite massive obesity" so baldly spelled out on the page.

Well you know what? I never want those words used in relation to me again.

So lap-band surgery it is. I really hope I can get an earlier appointment to have it done, just to get it over with so I can start this new...thing I don't want to call a journey. I know! A project. That's what it is - a project.

LillyPilly's Fat Project.

And it starts now. This would be great!


I want to use this blog to articulate my thoughts as well as to share what's actually happening to me throughout The Project. I don't mind if no one reads this, it's mainly for me anyway, and I thank the Admins of the forum for providing a safe space to do this.

Let us begin.


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What a great blog, you made me smile many times. I love your honesty and no bullshit accountability for your weight problems. Lapbanding is not a miracle cure, it is easy to regain the weight. You have to make a lifelong commitment to healthy eating and exercise. I wish you all the best and look forward to reading your journey.

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Hi LillyPilly


I loved reading your blog as so much of it related to me lol.


At this stage I am to have my surgery on 25th March, so it will be good to be able to follow someone so

close to my "journey".

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Thanks Kimmykay, it's the lifelong commitment I find a bit daunting.  That and the E word.  I've never been one for exercise but I do have a treadmill and there's a lot of podcasts to listen to, plus iView!


Hopefully losing the weight will be incentive enough to keep it off.  I'll document my progress here.




Hi Foodaholic! How exciting that we're being done a day apart! How are you feeling about it all?


Journey. Heh ;-)

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Hi LillyPilly, yep I'm the same too!  157cm and 98kg, I have my appointment with the Doctors on the 25th February!  I can't wait, but I'm terrified.

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