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Nearly a week :D

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So, today is day 6 in bandit land. I'm pretty happy with my progress. I'm healing well, but itchy as hell as I had an allergic reaction to the stickyness on the waterproof dressings over my wounds. It's extremely hard not to scratch!!! Arrgghhh!!! I'm getting pretty hungry but find the 6 small amounts of liquid a day are filling the gap (for now). I'm finding it difficult to get enough water in, 1 sip every ten minutes is not really my idea of having a "drink" of water. Yesterday I was abit frustrated by this as I was very thirsty and couldn't just chug down some water. It actually really pissed me off and I was sitting here having a bitch to myself saying how ridiculous it was haha... let's add in here that I've been home alone with no human interaction so talking to myself is neccessary! I'm not crazy, I swear!

I'm looking forward to mushies and I've been eyeing off the weetbix, of all things I want to fang into a weetbix haha what a freak! Actually yesterday I had a bit of a down day and I don't know why but I've got such a thing for cheese and ham sangas or cheese and ham toasted sangas and yesterday I wanted a toasted one. I've only just got fond of the damn things, I'm not a big ham eater though so it's quite strange and now I can't eat them!!

I'm extremely worried about my smaller stomach being stretched. Talk about paranoia. I've always been a quick drinker and I'm trying SO hard to drink slowly but it's really not working too well... I can't really fathom how liquid could stretch the stomach because it slips right past the band doesn't it? Anyway I need to get a grip on that!!

I've lost just over 7kgs to date and I can't really tell but I'm happy about the number I'm seeing on the scales. I've been naughty and weighing myself everyday, just to see. Next week I'll try not to! I went for a walk around the block the other day and I think it was abit soon and I didn't go easy enough because I got abit sore after but I'm going to start walking again either tonight or tomorrow. I can't wait til I can take my dog with me but he pulls really hard on the lead so I think I better wait a little while before taking him. I start work on Thursday and I'm really looking forward to it :D

I think I'll be fine to go back to my daycare job the week after too so that's exciting. I've missed my little cherubs and I'm sure they've missed me too!!

So anyhoo, I'm going to watch a movie because boredom is creeping back in. I might do some little hand weights while I'm watching the movie!!

Okie dokie I'm off, take care peeps.

Peace, love & V8 juice,

Cub :D

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I was so itchy too from the bandages and got these gross little lumps around them just to make life more difficult at a crappy time. My scars are just scabby and itchy now. I'm on day 13 post op.

It's been a quick week, I remember reading when you went in. Once your back at work you probably won't have time to have these cravings, maybe it's just the boredom. I'm a huge bored eater.

Your weightloss so far is great too well done. I also have to learn not to weigh everyday, but I can't help it. Me and the scales are deadly enemies so it's nice for a change that I'm getting one up on him while I am losing weight. But I know this will likely slow once I start eating, so I should really stop my crazy war with the non-human man in the scales. You think you're nuts! Huh!!

I'm a big water drinker so when I'm hot after exercise I take my petite little 10 minute gap sips trying to get quenched..yeh, that helps.

Heal well and keep us posted on your progress :)

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Day 5 post band for me, yep got the itchy scars happening, and boy the variety of liquids ho hum BORING, but am trying to have something different every hour, i am so hanging out for the pureed food next.

Does anyone have the grumbly tummy and burping?

Well done everyone for your weight loss



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Day 4 for me post band. I have had itching skin as well and the port bandage came off in the shower. There was a bit of a hole at one end. My friend is a nurse and she put a little sticky suture thing on to hold it back together. I have been having wind problems and a grumbly tummy too. I am busting to get on the scales but have resisted so far. I thought I would aim for once a week so a few days to go.

I was down 6.5kg on the day of the op so I hope I have lost more by Wednesday. I so desperately do not want to be disappointed. cheers, fellow banders, it is going to just get better and better.

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