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Morning Mayhem

I have had numerous restriction levels during the 3.5 years I've had my band.

I still remember the day I experienced what restriction felt like for the first time! I had just been to see my surgeon for the second time since the operation and I had gone from 2mls to 4mls. That evening I made a chicken and cheese toasted sandwich, which at 2mls wouldn't have been a problem whatsoever. I took a bite, not even thinking, chewed and swallowed and gulp... What was happening...

When people ask me what I mean when I say 'it won't work' or 'it didn't work' or 'my band didn't like it', I find it really hard to explain to them what it actually feels like. For me, I have 4 different feels when I eat something.

1. No problem, goes down with absolutely zero problem, like I don't even have a band.

2. Feels momentarily uncomfortable: but I know within 30seconds to 1minute it will pass through the band.

3. Uncomfortable verging on a little painful: this will take anywhere between 5-20minutes to pass the band and I know I have to give up.

4. Stuck. Extremely painful, will 100% need to bring the food back up, excessive saliva.

So that day, that I had taken a bite of the sandwich, I was probable at a level 2. But I gave up straight away because that feeling scared me.

Over the years I became more brave/stupid, about pushing limits with my band and what I could eat. It's not uncommon for me, now, to eat something and straight away know it's a number 3, but persevere for up to 2-3 hours to eat, just half of whatever it is. This is when I might have a bite and it takes up to 20 minutes for the discomfort to not actually dissapate, but just decrease in intensity, for me to take another bite. This leads to a couple of hours of feeling uncomfortable and slightly in pain, all for a few mouthfuls of food.

That, is SO, stupid. What I'm doing here is letting my mind win. And simultaneously traumatising my band. It also ruins the rest of my day because I have pushed my limits so far, that any time later that day I try to eat/drink something, it 'doesn't work'.

How do I get my 'newly banded' mindset back where I was so careful of everything I put in my mouth and I was so worried about feeling number 2 that I rarely every experienced number 3 or 4?

Does anyone else have a similar experience, or a 'levels of restriction' scale they acknowledge?


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Unfortunately almost every time I eat, I encounter a little bit of pain. Probably always a 2 when I eat, no matter how slow.

I too have become complacent with my 'pain' levels, and experience a 4 once a week. 

I'm interested to see others responses :)

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I like your 4 descriptions and can relate to them all. I no longer have number 4 ever. My fill level and vigilance help. I had an emergency unfill.....once. Never, never again.

Number 2 is my warning and I stop eating. Sometimes I can eat a little more after a rest. Occasionally I will progress to number 3 when trying to eat a little more.

All in all I can eat fairly comfortably with my band.

Good luck!

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Your descriptions are spot on, tonight I bordered on 2-3 not painful but could feel it there for about 15 minutes. I have finally learnt to stop eating and patiently let the food pass through the band. In 12 months I've had 3 number 4's and once had to go to Drs and have all the fill taken out and put back in straight away. It was amazing how the pain stopped instantly. I'm much better at eating now thank goodness, good luck!

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I too have had emergency unfills when I've had a number 4. I'm glad everyone relates to my scale!! I am sitting around a 2/3 for each meal now. I am slowly retraining my brain to stop when I have number 2 and not push my limits!

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