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Time has come...



So my beautiful daughter will be 1 year old in 2 weeks....what better than kick starting this countdown by going on an optifast intensive phase of 3 meals replaced by opti per day. I probably get hardly any protein and vitamins in my meals these days while caring for 2 little daughters of mine. have 11 kgs to get back to my pre preg weight. i weighed 110.6 this morning ..thanks to the band for helpnig me lose 7 kgs preg without any effort at all..been at 110 for over 6 months so body needs a bit of shakinng , moving and being in control! i have also joined a gym so i will be exercising atleast thrice per week. be it zumba, yoga or swim.

After 13 years of working in corporate world, I have been given redundancy package just in time for me to concentrate on my health and raising my 2 beautiful girls and help hubby! The whole menality has changed.. i will get the help i need to lose this weight and shake off thijs feeling on being out of control! i will make an effort to look after myself , dress up well, makeup and anything that will make me feel good about me. if i feel good...my chldren will feel good and i will be a good at raising them.

I will be cooking them healthy balanced meals. keeping my home clean ( with a cleaner if it gets too much). have a routine and enjoy life!

Today is the 1st day of rest of my life...

we have a trip planned overseas for nov .. so have good amount of time to get to my goal weight.. i just cant wait!!


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