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Well - tomorrow's the big day. Thought it would never get here and now feeling pretty apprehensive now it's almost upon me.

Bag packed with all the little bits and pieces like Gripe water and lip balm. Staying overnight so I hope its a private room!

So glad Optifast is finishing - even though it's just liquids next 2 weeks, hopefully that's all I will feel like, because right now I could eat a whole lasagne with a bottle of red. Of course I won't!!!

How exciting! (the op, not the lasagne.........)


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Good luck tomorrow. I stayed overnight as well in the HDU (which is what my surgeon wanted). I'm sure you'll be fine just make sure you have comfy clothes to wear home, I wore a nice loose pair of pants, with an elasticised waist band (no buttons), t-shirt and cardigan. I'm sure wherever you're going will look after you.

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All the best for tomorrow. I also stayed overnight, it's so great not having to stay long! I totally agree with Rlar loose comfy clothes and no Bra! You will be fine and well looked after I'm sure. Everyone's pain is different and I'm not trying to scare you in any way but from my experience the best thing I learnt is that you can get adults liquid panadol (Panamax) from chemist warehouse for around $5 and pain stop. (It's a bit stronger and it's liquid) you have to ask a pharmacist for that one but it works a treat! so grab yourself some for just in case. And again best of luck.

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Thanks so much Purple and Rlar .... Very good tips and I will be sure to follow them!

It's so great to have you all around :) it would be impossible to go it alone....

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woohoo! Go you! I stayed overnight and i think I preferred it, as there were people there who would know what they were doing  if you needed them... (which I actually didn't!) You will be sore and feel like a bloated balloon... but it will get better.... and you won't be hungry for the first couple of weeks at least - amazing!! Be kind to yourself and feel free to whinge... it will improve!! All the best - look forward to hearing how you go. xxxxx

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