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Day 4



Well things seem to be going swimmingly so far. Planning on heading back to work tomorrow (it's mainly a desk job) and in minimal pain except for the feeling like I have a "stitch". The Panadol takes the edge off so all good.

Getting over soup pretty quickly though, and I am starting to get a little hungrier today than I was yesterday as all the swelling starts to go down.

Flatulence was incredible over the last few days! Took some laxative and drank some pear juice, and well, lets say that "all is clear" now in that department! Tummy gurgles a bit, and sometimes I feel like I have a little indigestion - but I gather that's all part of the norm.

Might even enjoy some chocolate over the weekend :)

Ciao for now!


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Glad to see that you are doing well. I find myself taking a dose of benefibre everyday (however this may change as I get onto more solid food) to help keep things clear.

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