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Day 6



Well I decided to go to work yesterday. Bad move. It was like I was firing on one cylinder! Note to self - you really do need take time to rest, even if it isn'y laying in bed, once you have surgery.

So today, back "working from home" which is a much more palatable option.

How fantastic that my recovery coincides with the Easter 4 day weekend - so not even an option to go into work! Can't wait to see how I feel next week, especially since its that much closer to finishing the liquids phase. My favorite "liquid" so far is a small tin of Heinz Spaghetti and some Parmesan blended up and heated. Yum - just like the real thing !


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We had our bands done on the same day you were crazy to think to go back to work so soon. I go back on the 28th... Just in time for a hectic month end

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