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Four weeks in...



Hooray I've reached the 4 week mark and now can move onto mushies full time (had started to incorporate some into the end of my 4 week liquid phase). So far so good.

I aim to walk 4.3km about 6 times per week and have been achieving this lately but if I get some work again soon this may all change.

My weight loss has slowed but is still going. Of course I can't be 100% of the change in pace as my scales decided before last week they weren't going to work anymore and I had to get new ones.

So today was my first official weigh in on the new scales and my weight was 99.9kg which is up on the last weight from the old scales (but it's still under 100 so I'm ok).

So far I've made, portioned and frozen beef stroganoff (with beef mince), apricot chicken (with chicken mince) and a mince/vegie mix for my mushie meals some variety available. I'm thinking I'll make some mushroom risotto later this week as a bit of something extra.

People are noticing the changes in my body size and shape which is a definite plus and I'm looking forward to the changes (and weight loss) continuing.

Another positive is that hubby is booked in to have his surgery (also a band) in about 7.5 weeks so he is now on the path to losing some weight pre-op (the surgeon wants 10kg). Something to look forward too.


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That's awesome you both can share the experience and have good support to one another. I have a fit and skinny hubby (dammit! lol) but he is very supportive, but sometimes I feel it is hard for him to understand how things feel, taste etc. I wish you both every success.

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