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Day 13



Well - back at work now, and delighted to be eating Mushy food as of today! I am so over soup and yoghurt drinks!

So since tomorrow is Anzac day it will be red wine (the first drink in 3 weeks) and Shepherds Pie for lunch whilst we watch the footy in the arvo!

From a health perspective, still having "stitch" pains and the port is quite delicate - although not infected or anything. Still heaps of gas I reckon, and it's impossible to burp! When I try, i just sort of hiccup and that sends a shooting pain to my left shoulder. How very weird. I went to the Clinic and had my checkup, and the nurse tells me that this is all normal type pain whilst you are still healing. Can't wait for the pain to be gone! Of course by then I will be dealing with a more restricted band - so I spose I should be careful what i wish for!

Starting to get a bit hungrier now as the days roll on. First fill is 14th May - another exciting chapter in the book of the band :)

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I am also experiencing weird pains on my stomach... Port sometimes feels squashed or cramped and I feel like I have to stand or stretch... I think this will all take a bit of getting use to...

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