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Not such a great week



Jumped on the scales this morning and was surprised to see that they had moved down 200g (now 99.7kg). The only reason I was surprised is that it wasn't a good week for me.

Added to the fact that it has been cold, hubby and I were busy so motivation to exercise was low. It's also been the start of mushy foods and although I'm not eating as much as I used to, I'm still eating better than during the liquid phase and feeling hungrier.

It's another week of mushies ahead for me and then another (on normal food) until I see the surgeon who will probably give me some fill (in addition to that already in my band from surgery).

Here's hoping that I can get back on the exercise wagon and continue to lose (even if it's not much). The journey continues...


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one advantage of exercising regularly in winter is that it keeps your body warmer, longer. exercise also helps to increase resistance to germs/bugs and can decrease recovery time from colds and general winter lurgies.


I am looking forward to getting back to the gym in 2 weeks time :)


one day at a time...

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I know - I am now getting hungrier every day!  I see the surgeon on 14th May - so another 2 weeks. Hope I don;t eat too much before then! Am trying to stay focused!

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My appointment with the surgeon is 07/05, I have started getting my appetite back but find that a cup of coffee or water does the trick... For now... Hoping to get that first fill when I see him

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I have been having at least one warm drink a day. No gym for me (walking instead) the weather was foul yesterday but I'll get out there today, nice and sunny.

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