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Here i go again...



All was going very well with my band. I had lost 41kg. I had thrown out most of my fat clothes. I was feeling fantastic. Pretty close to the green zone.

Tuesday 13 August 2013 - I've got the flu. Coughing and spluttering and feeling like crap. Keep coughing up flem. Yuck...

Thursday 15 August 2013 - 3 days of cold and flu capsules and I'm not feeling any better. My throat feels really puffy and swollen. Looking forward to having Friday off to attend a friends wedding. Got my outfit all sorted. I'm looking pretty good too. I'm down to 107.6kg. I’ll just dose up on cold and flu capsules.

Friday 16 August 2013 - I've been up almost all night. I couldn't sleep laying down because I'd throw up. Ended up on the couch, trying to sleep upright, but from 12pm onwards if I drank any water, even a sip, I would fall asleep and wake up shortly after throwing the water straight back up. Not able to keep any fluid down all night. Feeling pretty lousy. Once my surgeon opened I rang up and got an appointment straight away. I need some fill taken out. ASAP.

Went in and saw Dr Treacy. He attempted to remove some fluid from my band. No luck after numerous tries, in different positions, with different size needles. He thinks I may have a kink in my port line. He even puts a little more fluid in the band, hoping it may unkink it and then he can suck some fluid back out. It doesn't work. At this stage I've only keep down a few tiny tiny sips of water since last night.

I go and get an xray, so he can see where the kink is in the port. The xray shows a kink up close to the port, so Dr Treacy says he'll give me a local anaesthetic, a small quick cut and unkink the port line. All good.

Wheeled into the theatre, surgeon ready to go. Local anaesthetic given. Now comes the quick cut. He seems to be having trouble sorting out the kink. He says he can’t see the kink where the xray showed it would be, so he’ll open the cut a little more and search a bit further along the tube. Ok. Can’t feel anything. Just looking forward to a drink. Hurry up and finish. He gives more local anaesthetic, apologizing for not being able to find the kink. This is taking a while now. More tugging, pushing and pulling. Dr Treacy is getting pretty rough now. I can feel pulling and pushing and starting to be in pain. This is hell. Feels like he’s trying to rip my intestines out. Bad pain. I’m swearing at him. Surgery stops. They clean me my and I’m wheeled out into recovery. I don’t think he stitched me.

Feeling pretty crappy now. I get more pain relief through the drip and normal saline drip to rehydrate me. A few minutes later I’m feeling good. Ok, get to this wedding.

Dr Treacy comes and informs me that he was not able to find the kink. It was not where the xray said and after lots of looking he is concerned. I’m feeling really good (must have been the drugs) and am like, yep, that’s cool. When can I go home? I’ve got a wedding to go to. He’s says no, you have to have a general anaesthetic. We’ve got to fix this. It will all be covered by the original cost as it is a compilation, so no out for pocket for me. Cool, I don’t really care.

He informs me that I am in serious danger. I NEED to have major surgery today. I’m crying and a bit of a mess. The wedding is for the daughter of a really good friend’s daughter who I have known since birth and I HAVE to be there.

I ring my husband who knew I was going in for a fill and tell him the local procedure didn’t work. He’s like, do you want me to come and get you. I’m like yes, I have to go to the wedding, even if I’m in a wheelchair, doped up, I can’t miss it. Apparently I need surgery, but I can’t miss this wedding. He’d ready to come and get me.

Dr Treacy comes back, someone must have overheard my conversation. I’m informed that I’m going in for surgery NOW. I will miss the wedding. I’m a blubbering mess. I’m wheeled back to the operating theatre. Going under, I’m devastated.

I wake up in recovery. Lots of cool drugs. I feel great, just a little discomfort around my stomach.

Sometime later when I’m fully conscious and in my own room, Dr Treacy comes to see me. He explains that the problem with my kinked port line was a complication that he had never even heard of. Scar tissue had grown over my port line, kinking it completely, so that no fluid could get through. He found a kink, unkinked it and then tested to see if he could get any fluid into the port. Nothing. He searched further down the port line and at the very bottom where it connects to the band, he found another section of scar tissue completely kinking the port line. He decided that the band must be faulty and removes the entire thing and replaces it with a new one. Luckily, he didn’t have to restitch my stomach at all and was able to thread the new band straight through the hole from the old band.

OK, all fixed. I ask how long I’ll need off work and am told 2 weeks. I don’t really understand why I need that long and want to get back to work on Monday. No, major surgery requires major rest. The recovery will be faster than the original surgery but I have had major surgery. Man these drugs are good. Tell my boss, who just knew I was having the day off to go to a wedding. Sorry, major surgery today. A surprise for everyone involved.

I’m home 2 days later. All good. I have 4 incisions like the original surgery, but this time my stomach is deep purple with bruising and fairly tender. The realisation of what has happened has still not really hit me. It is only a few days later when I’m speaking to my mum that I realised what a bad situation I was in. Holy crap. It takes about a month for the bruising to go away. But I feel fine and am back at work 2 weeks later like Dr Treacy said.

Dr Treacy was fantastic the entire way throughout my experience. He tried his absolute best to fix my band, doing everything he knew how. He was an absolute professional, so much so that I never fully understood the danger I was in because he and all the staff stayed so calm! In the end I was just a one in a million. Damn it! I can’t thank Dr Treacy enough for the way he looked after me. And I told him so, first follow up after the surgery.

So because I have a new band, and with all the swelling, there is no fluid in the band and I have to start from scratch to get to the green zone.

Once I’m recovered from surgery and back on solids, I have a huge appetite compared to what I had. I eat copious amounts of food. My weight creeps higher. Not creeps, just steps. Leaps. I get regular fills but Dr Treacy is careful to make sure I don’t get over full.

By Christmas I’ve put on 20kgs. By February I’ve gained 28kg. I feel terrible. None of my clothes fit, except the few fat clothes that I kept. I have to go shopping for a new fat wardrobe. Very depressing.

28 April 2014 – We have a new staff member at work. A really big girl who wear baggy clothes. She mentions that she has lost 38kgs. I ask how, lap band, Dr Treacy.

I realise how far I’ve fallen in the past few months and come on Banding Together. I actually remembered my password.

And now here I am. I’m getting another fill next week, hoping to get to the green zone.

I suppose some people might think that I’ve wasted the last 2 ½ years weight loss wise. I’ve lost more 41kg and put 28kgs back on. I’m a failure as a bandit.

But I would still do it all again in a heartbeat. I don’t ever regret getting my band.

I just have to get back on board, get back to following the golden rules of banding and remember, that I’ve done it once, so I can do it all again. Loose this weight and get even healthier than I was before. Even get to my surgeons goal weight of 99kg.

So here I go….


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There is no such thing as being a failure as a bandit, I know you have gained a bit of weight back, but think of what you weight would have been if you had not had the surgery to begin with?

And as for the time frame, each person is different, so don't see the last 2.5 years as a waste, see it as the time taken to learn something about your band and your journey.

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I don't see you as a failure. It can't have been easy dealing with the complications that came with your band and it's good that the surgeon acted in a timely manner for the benefit of your health. Having said that I understand your disappointment (no one judges you as much as you do) but just think about how far you've come overall.

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you go, girl!! what a story!!!!! you can do it!! Did you ever get forgiven for not getting to the wedding!? x

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Thanks everyone. The bride and groom where totally fine. My hubby went and just said "emergency surgery" and everyone was cool.


Thanks for your support.

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