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Butterfly Bandit Alive

Angel Butterfly



We hear the voices but we do not look

It's easier to hide behind a book

We sense you are there at restaurants and bars

Always looking or staring from afar

Just like you I feel and breathe

I work, play sports and watch TV

I know who I am and what I do

I don't need you to judge me too

But now my life is beginning to change

and old fears are starting to thrive

Will I succeed and will I do well?

Of course I will...I'm starting to feel Alive

To the extra weight that has been my free loading passenger for all my life, got me teased, bullied, stopped me from sitting on furniture, walking to places being in so much pain, not being able to wear pretty dresses or gorgeous shoes and always making me feel invisible and not worthy of peoples time... your ride stops here. I've paid your fare long enough.


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