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I have the scars to prove it!



blog-0863285001400060757.jpgSo yesterday I finally got my band, feels like I've been waiting for ages. I went through Dr Teague with the Ashford Hospital and they were brilliant. I got to the hospital around 7.20am signed in at the front desk, paid my $500 excess and got my wrist tags on. I was first on the list for a 9am surgery. My partner and I waited in the foyer for a few minutes then I was collected by a volunteer said goodbye to OH and went to the Day ward. In the day ward they went over my details again, got me into a gown, took bloods, did an ECG and painted my tummy ready for the Op.

Then the anesthetist came in, he was lovely talked me through the kind of cocktail I'd be getting, double checked I was ok with a blood transfusion just in case it was needed. I told him my biggest fear was feeling sick afterwards and he said he'd put something in to help prevent that. Then I was taken to a waiting room and my bags were locked away for me.

Next a nurse came and took me down to the waiting area just outside of the theatre, I was wrapped in a big pre-warmed blanket while they waited for Dr Teague. Next I was walked into the theatre and lay down on a bed with my arms out horizontally so they could put drips in. The anesthetist said he'd start by giving me a light sedative to start with but that I needed to be awake when Dr Teague came in. Then all three of them stood around me and went through check questions about my name, DOB and the surgery I was in for. That is literally the last thing I remember and the next thing a nurse was telling me I was in recovery! I couldn't believe how fast I'd gone out!

The nurses in recovery were great, turns out they had some problems getting around the back of my stomach during the operation and had to push pretty hard so I feel like I've been kicked by a mule. The nurse ended up calling me the fentynal queen because she gave me so much and I was still wide awake and alert. In the end they gave me some morphine as well before taking me up to the high dependency unit.

The nurses in the HDU were lovely too, I felt a little bit self conscious about being a bandit until one nurse told me she had a band and another nurse told me she had a sleeve! They were great keeping up the pain relief during the night and I was drinking clear fluids by tea time.

My OH came to visit after work for a few hours even though he'd had a very long day getting up to drive me in the morning. When he visited at night he spend 20 minutes brushing my hair while talking to me and by the end of it half the nurses wanted to take him home! LOL what a sweetie.

I still can't believe how good I felt without being groggy. I've been very lucky so far, not too much wind pain and no shoulder pain just feel like I've been kicked hard in the main incision point.

Dr Teague saw me last night and everything was fine except my heart rate was very high between 100-120 so he was thinking of keeping me in for an extra night but it ended up settling down and once he saw me this morning he said I could go home if I wanted to.

So now I'm at home starting my liquid phase, OH has made me some killer chicken soup from scratch using chicken frames not packet stock and I got myself some low fat drinking yoghurt and custard for a treat. Drinking peppermint tea to help with the wind and trying to keep shuffling around the house.

Thanks to everyone on this site who helped me make this decision and gave me encouragement along the way. I still can't quite believe it's happened and I though this is the start of a brand new healthy life.


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thanks guys, as the morphine wears off the reality starts to set in and you look at yourself and think 'what have I done'  not that I regret getting the band at all but you suddenly realize how hard its been on your body.  Thankfully Dr Teague gave me a certificate for 2 weeks and I'm going to take every day of it even if it means using my annual leave.

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Hi going ok still feel like a herd of elephants tap danced on me but I think it's getting better. Burped for the first time today which was a great relief!

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Hi Kerr 

How are you healing?  My incision place hurts especially when I bend.  Haven't had much wind, just pain like I've been shot (BTW I have never been shot so don't know why I compared it)  I haven't drunk very much, I am looking forward to the pureed  baby food stage thug, it will seem strange after nearly 5 weeks of nothing but optimist salad and veggies.

I think you will need the 2 weeks leave from work. I find I am really tired still.

Keep me posted, look after you. xxx

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Thanks nisey14 I'm doing ok. Staples came out today Dr happy with everything and weight loss is going well. Still very tender but Dr tells me it should really settle down now that the staples are out. Very glad I was given a certificate for 2 weeks otherwise I'd have to go back to work tomorrow and I'm really not up to that yet. So I'm just spending my days working my way through the entire collection of Ghost Whisperer :)

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