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OK so i did it. went to bootcamp



So I started bootcamp and Im aiming to go a minimum of 3 times a week. My first day of bootcamp was a wake up call omg I nearly died or thought i was going to. As each day went by I feel like im able to do more and the pain has subsided.

All in all just checking in to show that I am alive and bootcamp didnt kill me like i thought it would.

Another plus note I have reached my 10kg mini goal yay.. doesn't seem like a lot but its a start...

Also I have been going through clothes to find all my clothes that were too tight before and i can actually fit into a few double YAY!!

I have also come to the conclusion I am a clothes hoarder I have found so many CITY CHIC clothes that still have TAGS on them that i havent worn and well dont fit :( might have to get on EBAY and sell sell sell for a new wardrobe yay..

hope everyone is ok and doing well :)


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