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Well I have made the decision to have a gastric bypass. The surgeon recommended this procedure because of my type 2 diabetes. It was getting uncontrollable and I didn't really fancy injecting insulin daily...so here I am! The operation is scheduled for the 19th June, and the butterflies are starting to set in.

I am now on my 4th day of the Optifast diet...yuk. I must say I did have my last hurrah the night before I started the diet. My husband and I had a KFC, but now I am down to optifast shakes, soups, bars and desserts none of which are particularly appetising. I have found I like the banana and vanilla shakes, berry crunch bars and the chicken soup the most. All the rest that I have got will end up in the bin because I really don't like them! The Strawberry shake, chocolate bar, lemon and chocolate dessert were a real waste of money. I have also tried the diet jelly...which to me is a bit of nothing as it doesn't taste nice or fill me up. I have taken to snacking on raw carrots and cherry tomatoes as these are within my vegetable daily allowance and fortunately I love carrots and tomatoes! I just wish I could have a few nuts as well.

The one benefit of the diet is that I have now lost 7lb (down from 18st 3lb to 17st 10lb) in just 3 days. (I think that is about 3.5 kgs) so well on the way to losing the goal of 5-10% pre-op. However the really good news is my blood sugar has dropped to 5.9 (I had been getting readings of 13-15). As advised I will have to come off my diabetes medication if my blood sugars go below 3 but a non diabetic blood sugar is normally around 4-5.9 so I am very pleased as mine has now reached the "normal" range.

The other thing I have had to think about is feeding my husband. He is not a good cook and I don't want him living on takeaways so have been cooking lots of different meals, portioning them up and freezing them. I now have 21 meals for him in the freezer and am aiming to cooking a few more, so I don't have to worry about cooking when I get out of hospital. (And I will be on a liquid then a purée diet for the first few weeks.)

I have been told that I will be in hospital for a week and while they hope to be able to do it laparoscopally there is no guarantee as I have had a number of operations and may have considerable scar tissue, which means it may have to be open surgery. That is really a wait and see. I won't know until I come around after the general anaesthetic!

Here's hoping, as the latter will have a longer recovery time and I need to be able to get back to work and earn money! This is already costing a lot as medicare and private health only pay a very small portion of the surgeons, anaesthetist and pathology fees, although it will cover all the hospital fees apart from my excess. I think I am going to be out of pocket of around $7000 all up so it had better work!


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I cooked alot of food for my hubby too, but the Optifasts you don't like aren't a waste. My hubby ate them for snacks! He isn't overweight, but I made up some of the desserts (that I didn't like) and then he put ice cream or cream on them and each night he had his little treat while I had my choc bar or whatever. It was like he is on the journey with me and he felt included. This journey can at times feel like a very solitary one and often our partners do want to be included (but of course there is some meals mine did look at and say "oh hell no!" but with a laugh after it. LOL).


Congrats on the BSL dropping. I too am Type 2 and it is nice to go from mid teens to single digits so quickly. I now test more frequently as advised by the Dietician/My GP to avoid any hypos.


I was banded 16th April this year. :)

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Thank you, I will get him to give them a try. Might buy some cream and whip it up and serve the chocolate dessert with the whipped cream. I'm sure I could get him to eat it.

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Hi Klara. Would love to know how you are going.. I had an omega loop gastric bypass 12 wks ago and I have lost 13.5kg. My story is very similar to yours...

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Well I am home now. It is a week since the op and have just moved on to purée foods. Still a little sore especially on my left side and having trouble sleeping but am losing weight. I have lost a further 6lbs (or 3kgs) plus the 8lbs I lost on the optifast diet so a total of 1 stone (7kg). Only about 7 more to go! The really good news is that I am off my diabetes medication and my blood sugars range from 4.9-7.7.

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