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Post-Op Update



Well it is now 17 days since the operation. There have been ups and downs but hopefully things will get better.

I came out of hospital on Day 4, having been told my hospital stay would be 5-7 days but I was doing so well and taking enough fluids that I could go home. I still had a fair bit of pain on my left side where the major incision was and where there were stiches to reconnect muscles together not just skin. (The surgery was done laparoscopically with six incisions including the drainage hole) This means I have to lay on my right side and be very careful when rolling as I get shooting pain on my left.

The fluid diet was in place until the end of week 1, when I was able to start on puréed food. The good thing was that I had lost a stone (about 7-8kg) in weight from my pre-optifast weight by the end of this first week. However after 1 day on puréed food, I was in incredible pain and after a call to the surgeon, hubby rushed me to the emergency of Knox Private. The put me on some morphine to dull the pain and sent me off for a ct scan, unfortunately in trying to get from the trolley bed to the ct scan platform I hurt my left side incision, which even the morphine didn't dull. After the scan I then had to get back onto the trolley bed. The tried to roll me but (obviously not knowing the pain that would cause me). The noise I emitted was loud enough for my husband to come running. I'm sure they heard me in the next suburb! Fortunately hubby was allowed to help and managed to get me up without me rolling and hurting myself more.

The outcome of the ct scan was that I had a bowel obstruction at the point where the bypass tube enters the upper intestine. Apparently maximum inflammation occurs between day 7-10 post-op so there was not enough room for puréed food to pass, hence the obstruction. (My comment on this is perhaps it would be advisable for patients to stay on fluids until day 10 rather than day 7!)

They admitted me to hospital and put me on fluids and hydrocortisone to relieve the inflammation for 3 days until the obstruction had passed. I came home and found out I had put on half a stone! (From the hydrocortisone I guess). I was also back on fluids for another couple of days.

I restarted on puréed foods 3 days after leaving hospital for the second time (day 13 post-op). Since then I have had no problems with food and when I saw the dietician she said I could go onto solids...ie edible food rather they purée mush! Yay. I was very happy. Also eating real food means I can eat some prunes to help with no 2s as I really dislike Actlax that I was taking before.

However, not all was good. My left side was healing nicely and was much less painful, until yesterday when the pain came back. I'm not sure why, maybe I have pulled something, maybe I bent over to pick something up. Anyway what it means I am again having to hold my side when I stand up and be very careful what I do. (This is a word of warning to everyone else: be very careful what you do, no lifting anything and be careful about bending over) I have also found my back is a bit sore because I struggle to stand straight and am a bit hunched over because of the pain in my left side.

I am now onto Day 17 and am really pleased that I have now lost 1.5 stone (about 11kgs) and more importantly my blood sugar levels are between 4.9 and 7.8 without any medication!


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Sounds like you have a really rough time of it, so take care and lets hope you are now only going to feel better from here and YAY!! To the weight loss x

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