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Lets start at the very beginning



Yesterday I had my first appointment at the BMI clinic in Joondalup with Dr. Kathi, for what I thought was going to be Gastric Band surgery. I came out knowing I was going to have to go and research the Gastric Sleeve. Dr. Kathi suggested a Gastric Sleeve because of my age and lifestyle. It would seem that this is the way forward after perusing so many web pages etc.

So, let me give you a bit of history;

I am married to Phil and have been for 32 years next week! We have been together for 38 years. We have 4 adult sons and 2 grandsons. We are good male breeders!!

I work at a bible college as the Academic Dean and have been there for 16 years. Yes in some respects I am very boring and don't like change but prefer to work through issues for a good result. In all areas accept me and my weight!

I remember when I was 15 standing on the scales at the royal show and I was 8 st. 13oz. Pretty normal I guess back then but on the heavy side. My friends were skinny I was "fat". And so began my yo yo weight life of diet eat diet eat diet eat. Pretty sure I've lost a whole lot more than my weight in my lifetime...

Moving along I remember when I met Phil when I was 22. I weighed in at 57 kilos or 9 stone. I had been on a diet again but this time was staying put and quite happy. As I have big boobs I was always a size 14/16 and frankly don't ever remember anything less.

Then I became pregnant and used that as an excuse to eat. Boy I wish someone had told me that I shouldn't do that. After the last son was born I weighed in at around 80 kilos. He is 24 this year!

In September 2010 I was diagnosed with an Ovarian tumour and I had a radical hysterectomy 3 days later. My doctor said to me "it is cancer until proven otherwise". Not the words you want to hear. The tumour was the size of a baby's head but fortunately it was benign. At that time I was 107 kilos.

About a year after I hit the scales at my heaviest. I was 117 kilos. It was then I drew a line in the sand and said enough!

I realised I was killing myself and made some changes. I reduced and have almost removed gluten from my diet. I drink 1 coffee a day with milk otherwise no Lactose. I rarely eat sugar, but I do like a nice red with a meal on the odd occasion. If I don't see all the ingredients I don't eat it, which means I don't eat packaged food at all anymore.

In all of those changes though I only managed to lose 18 kilos and must say whilst Im still obese at 5'2" and 99 kilos I feel so much better than I ever did.

But all the overeating has given me insulin issues. I dont have Diabetes but I am insulin resistant, Syndrome X they call it I think. I have been 99 kilos for a year and without Metformin I cant lose any more. Hence the Gastric Band journey because I knew that any diabetes issues were removed.

So now Im thinking the sleeve and agree with what the Doctor spoke to me of yesterday. My hubby is FIFO at the moment and when he is home we like to go out and have a meal. This was worrying me because at 60 this year I want to be able to do the things that we can enjoy together and eating is one of them. Oh yeah have a mentioned he's like stick figure! So I wont be able to eat so much but I can eat anything with a GS so the doc said.

On a Wednesday the local pub does a steak night and we go with the kids and hubby when he's home. All I could think of as I was driving to my appointment yesterday was that I could go to steak night but I would not be having the steak!! I would have to watch the rest of the family eating steak which I was told is pretty much a no can do with a GB. Whilst I wont ever be able to eat a whole steak again with a GS I will be able to eat a couple of mouthfuls which will make me happy.

The negatives;

1. The skin issue. I already have lose skin so adding more is going to freak me out. I know better to be healthy but my head isn't quite there yet.

2. The hair issue. I have fine long hair, and I'll freak out if I lose it. Again better to be healthy...

The Positives;

1. Pretty sure the pre diabetes issues will go

2. My biological age will reduce. Its 74 as of yesterday.

3. My metabolism might kick in which would be nice

My Goal;

"To have 20 good healthy years with Phil"

Let's see how we go smile.png


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I can relate to much of your story and feel cheated as you do with not having to be able to socialize like others.

I am being banded at the end of this month. What reason has your doctor given you for the sleeve over the band?


Good luck

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The doctor said that once you are sleeved its done. No topping up etc. It used to be more serious an op but these days its not much different and many are moving from band to sleeve. I think too its that eating together is a bog thing for Phil and I and at least this way we can actually share a meal even though mine is an entree size and less we can eat the same food. Anyway she asked me to consider it.

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Girls  I was concerned about the social eating side of things, but 7 weeks banded and I find that I have adapted OK, having just an entree or if just a more casual lunch my husband gets something and I just get little bits off his plate, you do come to terms with it, because the band/sleeve becomes the important side of things, you do what you have to do for your new lifestyle.  Good luck with it, I am so glad I have had it done, there was no other way I could have changed my eating habits without knowing the band is there.xx

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Dear Jenniwren,


I am 54, two years banded and getting it removed next month, you can follow my posts to understand my journey.


With all that I know about the band now, I should have been sleeved but hindsight if a beautiful thing


People have had success with the band on here but as more people get bands the success rate is going down.


It is a tool that has to be maintained, everyone banded should be have a barium swallow every year as part of maintenance, to look for pouching, erosion, and adhesions, this is something I was never told until seeing this new Dr.


I believe this maintenance will be protocol in the future and this is why some Drs choose not to band anymore.


I have friends that have had successful weigh loss and very happy with their band but also weren’t aware of this maintenance issue but are going to ask for it in future.


It’s like a car, in order for it to run at its maximum, it has to be maintained and it make sense being a foreign object inside of you.



If I do decide on Sleeve, one of my worries like you, is hair loss but after some research for far, it’s apparently in the first 6months due to the rapid weight loss. Apparently Protein helps, and if I choose to go with the sleeve, I will be taking the advise of one lady on line that swears by taking a liquid formula for skin, hair and nails.


There will be many people on here at SLEEVE CENTRAL that have had the sleeve, that will be able to advise you better


Good luck with your journey and explore all options before you decide, that’s what I will be doing


Sunflower x

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