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Wow its been awhile



Well its been awhile since Ive posted here.

Been and done bootcamp it was awesome and I would recommend it to everyone to try however it was getting a bit to expesive for me so I had to give it up and now have a gym membership.

In regards to my weightloss I am not losing at much as most all up probably 15kgs in the last 6 months which dont get me wrong Im happy about but I guess we always want more.

LARRY the band has been doing well no major stuck moments or anything like that i do have much more in my band than I thought i would i think im up to 6.3

There are moments i still get hungry or I feel on certain days i can eat more which worries me and I hope I havent developed a pouch or something like that.

I have started to get pains in my left hand side of my stomach pains like a stitch or a pulled muscle when you work out too much but I havent been working out too much so unsure what this could be.

I have been googeling like crazy trying to workit out and now I have got myself into a panic thinking I have made my band slip eeek.

Tried to call the nurse today but she was busy so waiting for a call back... arrgh Im prob just stressing but I cant explain the pain on my side and cant explain how i can eat more than i think i should be able to eat at certain times having so much of a fill.

Any feedback or information would be welcome from all of you

I hope you are all doing well on your journeys..



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HI Belsie pain wasnt high felt like the after effects of doing 1000 situps.. but its gone now so im thinking it must have been muscle pain or something i had done when i attempted to exercise at the gym and run hahahhaha... Im hoping all is well wish there was a 6month check up where they can check to ensure the band is ok and everything is going well inside there ....

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I agree with you, if the pain was high it could of been your band. Low then I'm guessing you pulled a muscle or something. You can always ring your doctor for a 6 month check up if your worried, I'm sure they won't mind. Hope all else goes ok with you

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