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Fluttering by..........

Angel Butterfly


blog-0242129001411446228.jpgHmm I haven't been here for a while, as I might of gone out and got a bit of a life lol! Yep I did and it feels weird, but fun and a little scary sometimes, but also exciting. And clearly confusing by the flipping of word usages there.

The NZ trip is planned and nearly ready to go. It's been 15 years since I've been on a plane, and 20 years since it was an international flight. I have a new shiny passport and I am ready to go. Hubby and I will be travelling on the new Air NZ Dreamliner, which looks real pretty! Needless to say I am anxious as all hell, so trying to mentally prepare for a trip of this size for me, is huge. Alot of ppl are giving me the speech of "oh wow you must be so excited" or "that's fabulous, are you going to bungee jump?". I almost do a double take and in my head, I'm thinking hmm do I look like someone who would bungee jump for fun? This is hard to explain, so unless someone else is on the same wavelength, the excitement IS there, but the fear IS there too. The old Ang it would of been 90% fear and 10% excitement, now it is more a 30% fear / 70% excitement split. I don't know how to eliminate that last bit of fear, I wish it would melt away, maybe it will when I go?

The Iron Infusion went well. I noticed a few people talking about iron deficiency also. I had an infusion 2 years ago. My GP sent me to a Haematologist, who then sent me to a day hospital where I was hooked up to an IV for 8+ hours. It was boring, I felt seedy and nausea throughout, PHI had to pay for some of it, and I had to pay an excess for the room. Plus a Haematologist is not cheap and it took 2 consults prior and 1 after, just for this infusion. After all said and done....it got me through and sure it felt okay, but I hated it.

This time around, GP gave me referral to a Haematologist who works at Clinipath Pathology. The infusion was done at a Pathology clinic. I took my own Ferinject vials of Iron (from Chemist) and the whole experience was done in an hour. I sat and talked on my phone, felt great and was served tea and a biscuit! The Haematologist checked on me and nurses kept an eye on me. $175 + script cost. Haemo's fee is bulk billed.

Congrats to all the new bandits, sleevites, bypassers and those coming to the forum to meet others of WLS.

I saw my surgeon yesterday and he is happy with my progress. Averaging 500gm - 1kg a week is the target for post WLS long term until goal weight is achieved he said. I have lost 3.5 since last visit 5 weeks ago. Seems low to me, but he is the professional, so I need to learn to be mindful, shut up and accept it for what it is.

Obsession with weight and weight loss has consumed so much of my life thus far, it sure as hell isn't going to continue doing so. So from now on, I need to trust my instincts more, enjoy the moment wherever I may be and remember that when I get down on myself for these little things, there is others around me who are impacted by it too.

Time to fly (soon it will be literally!) omg lol

Ang x


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Relax and enjoy your break, you deserve it :) and remember you have done an amazingly awesome job of working on the "new" you so now is the time to sitback and enjoy the ride!! Xxxx

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Have a wonderful trip! Am pretty sure you'll be doing loads of walking in NZ, but I can highly recommend it to counterbalance any holiday food struggles. Enjoy!

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