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Calling for Help and Tips



Well, unfortunately I think that I am a banded failure :(

I had the banding in December 2013, I initially lost 10 kilos, and then found that I felt so good I would eat all the wrong things - Ice cream, Chocolate, Waffles (A little hard to get down, but I managed), Wine and the list goes on..........

I now weigh the same as when I came out of hospital after having the surgery - FAIL!!!!

I have today resumed Optifast, Vegetables, Salads and Fish - I was meant to weigh 55kg at this stage - not 78kg.

I have come back to this site for inspiration and help and guidance, I have not gone back to the Doctor because I am just so ashamed of myself. I've even thought of changing Doctors so I do not have to face that I am doing the wrong thing.

Think I might make an appointment with the Doctor for a months time and really just stick to what I am meant to be eating - so I have a deadline.




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Get back on that horse!!!! You can do this, we will support you all the way. You are not a failure, just still running on your L plates.

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Thank you duckie, you have made me feel better. 2 Days in trying hard and feeling better already. You are right, I just need to get back on the horse.


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Its hard we all know that.

Have a goal and aim for it. 

You cant eat bad stuff cos it is bad for you.. 

Deal with emotional issues - see a psych if you have any.

keep at it.. you can do ti.,.



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Hi Lee

I too was banded in Dec 2013 and have lost 25 kgs.  I have 1 rule that I have had all my dieting life-I don't drink calories.  No milkshakes, juice, or full-sugar soft drinks or full cream milk.  I also eat chocolate and ice cream but I have one ice-cream a night after tea (no tubs of ice-cream in the house)and no more than 4 of the celebration chocolates at a time. I will buy a bottle of wine perhaps once a month and finish it over 2 or 3 nights. I also use mindfulness eating techniques that help to keep the bad eating habits contained and I track my calories.  I don't lose if I don't track!!

Going back to the basics like you have done is a good way to restart...don't be worried about what the Dr thinks-he/she sees this all the time and may have some strategies to help you back on track

all the best....


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Hi Lee,

is your band tight enough? no 1. 

No 2

this is a psychological journey as much as a physical one.. you have to eat less...and better

Have a treat now and then. but be strong. no pain no gain. 

unfortunately  some of us have that fat gene.. and its tough.

but when your feet and back stop hurting, and your clothes are too big.. its great.

good luck


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You are not alone. I lost 20kg in the first year. Then nothing for 18mths. Had 0.3ml put in band, lost 3kg but couldn't eat anything so then started eating desserts and chocolate. I gained back 4kg, went back to dr, he took out 0.2 and I can now eat anything but have ate too much and have put another 2kg on. I tell myself not to eat any bad stuff but can't last a day without. I am also a fussy eater, hate veges. Good luck with starting again.

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Well done Lee for getting back on the horse and for acknowledging where you took a wrong turn.  But you're back on track now so keep heading in that direction, let go of the "detour" and move onwards and upwards!


Think about ways you can be active without planning activity, e.g. today I'm going to visit a gf - the old me would have gone somewhere to have lunch and drinks and totally over indulge, the new me is taking her dog, my gf has 2 dogs, and we are taking them for a long walk stopping for a coffee at a cafe (no treats) and then walking home again.  I still get to enjoy her company and have a chat and my pooch Bronx and I get a good walk in that and it's a beautiful day here in Perth so a good dose of Vit. D to boot. 

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