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With a Yoga Mat Slung Over My Shoulder



Here's my day yesterday:

My daughter has developed an interest in going to the gym so she asked me to take her to my gym and show her how to do weights etc. I took her yesterday morning and showed her the ropes and she loved it. I loved being able to share something I love with her and feel happy for her that she's found an activity that she enjoys. It'll be something we can do together and she can improve her health and fitness and develop some good habits.

Then back home to a delicious lunch of tuna, chickpeas and salad. I pottered around for a few hours, hearing giggling from my daughters room on and off. (She's been having a rough time lately so to hear her giggling again sounds like magic.) Then a great big hearty early dinner of chicken and leek soup before heading off to yoga at 7pm.

I went to my third yoga class and loved it. I'm not particularly good at it, and it hurts, but it's so relaxing. Then I went and did a few laps in the pool before going home. (Swimming, for me, is like meditation.) In between laps I stopped and thought about how perfect my day had been ... time spent with my daughter, good delicious food, yoga, swimming ... and thought I just couldn't be any happier.

I showered and gathered all my stuff together and as I was walking back to my car thought, here I am, leaving the gym to go home and have yet more food I don't need to feel guilty about because it's nutritious, delicious and not excessive. I can go home and sit on the couch and cross stitch and not feel like a lazy slob, because I exercise regularly. I've earned the right to sit on my butt for an hour or two. I'm THAT girl I've seen in my past life that I wanted to be. Active, fit, strong, healthy ... with a yoga mat slung over my shoulder.

I got home and my daughter was in the kitchen talking to me as I made my mango, yogurt and bran, and I told her I've just had the best day ever. THIS is the life I've dreamed of. She just smiled and said, "So, we'll go to the gym together on Saturday morning." Even more happiness.

My lapband didn't just prolong my life ... it made it worth living. Really living.


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Love it! So pleased for you - and for your daughter who will have her amazing mum around for longer! Lovely to find things that are mutually beneficial and that you can both enjoy xxxxx Wish I lived nearer you guys! ;) LOL xxxxx

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