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First day



Well Today is the first day of the preop diet. I have taken photos in shorts and clothed and will be doing measurements tonight. My Sleeve surgery is due to occur on the 9th of December 2014. I had to visit the local gym so I could get my start weight of 231.5kg..... it seems I have put on a few kg but it is not surprising as I have been having a lot of last meals lately.

I am not due to start the shakes till Tuesday the 25th November but I decided that I was better off starting on a Thursday so feeling like crap as I detox should occur over the weekend and not at work.

Had my first shake at 6am and its now 7:53am..... guess I better fill up on water lol. I have steamed veg and a shake for lunch and also for dinner so that is something to look forward to.

This is my first ever blog and I intend on updating weekly or answering responses as they may occur.

Feeling anxious, excited and determined all at once is an interesting combination.



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You sound like you're off to a great start Halfy. I think it's a great idea to start the Optifast earlier so you can get the detox out of the way before going back to work. Day 3 to day 4 are usually the worst but it gets much better after that.

Good luck !

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Way to go Halfy, you have started and like Tishy said, Day 3-4 are usually the toughest, but stay focused and plan things to keep you occupied and busy around the home initially. Idle hands can be bad!! Think positive and don't hesitate to ask questions, yell and scream and let it out when things go great or challenge you! 


Let's go Halfy.... let's go!! (can you hear the chant? lol)

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I never did opti before my operation, I sort of just ate what i wanted but didn't go overboard and have any 'last meals' :)


My only advice for the surgery is the gas pain is baaad. The more fit you are going in the more easy it will be for you to walk walk walk once you are in recovery. I would be walking around haunting the aisles of the ward at night because it was too painful lying or sitting so the walking really helped. by day 3 the gas pains went for me. 

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