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A New Start


I have emailed the info to Dr Watson (Perth)

(I've just declicked BBCode Mode Icon and that let me paste!)

Nothing like having a large Greyhound to hide behind! He looks little next to me :(



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I've heard good things about the VSG especially if this is a revision of lap banding.


My lap band has made a significant difference (in a great way) to me and my gastrointestinal issues. I have SIBO, and alot of my symptoms have subsided post surgery. CFS and Fibromyalgia have also subsided alot too.


Once the ball starts rolling, all sorts of things start to fall into place!

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I went to the information session at Dr Stephen Watson last night  at SJOGM. 

Found it really interesting and informative, and I liked him.


 (I got there late - my vehicle back late after having it serviced.  Yay!  Air con working again too - the belt had broken, so nice'n'simple)


Was anyone else there?

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Just had a chat to my bro in Sydney, sussing him out to see if maybe he could come over for a week or two when I have my gastric sleeve done (booked for 2nd Feb). 

He's not currently working, and I was thinking that he might still have heaps of frequent flier points.


I told him that I have more ovarian cysts to come out...well, I'll get the surgeon to remove the follicles while he is there - they are at 2 cm (I had 3 out in June).

Anyway, he didn't seem keen to come over and hasn't got much left in the way of frequent flier points.

Ah well. 


I really only need some one to help out with the foster dogs for a couple of days, so I am sure one of my friends locally might be able to, or another volunteer who I've met a couple of times. 


I'll just get a taxi to the hospital there and back, big palaver when I needed someone just to take me to the local one recently and drop me off when I had chest pain.

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Height 153.5 cm (range 152 to 155, depends on who measured me!)

All-time Heaviest Weight: 2001 - 82.5 kg, BMI = 35.7

Recent Heaviest Weight: December 30th, 2014 = 74 kg, BMI = 32.5

Saw GP for referral 2nd December 2014 and saw Dr Bowater at Mr Watson's practice 3rd December 2014.

Weight then = 72 kg clothed, 71.24 nude, BMI = 30.83/31.16

Weight (nude) 31st Jan 2015 70.85 kg, BMI = 30.66

Gastric Sleeved 02/02/2015 at SJOGM by Mr Stephen Watson.

Top end of 'normal' weight range = 57.5 kg (BMI 24.9)

Dietician's goal for me is 53 kg +/- 3 kg (BMI 22.9 to 24.2)

My goal for me is 50 kg (BMI 21.64)

Op Day Monday 2nd Feb 2015: 70.4 kg BMI 30.5

Week 1 9th Feb 67.6 kg BMI 29.2

Week 2 16th Feb 65.7 kg BMI 28.4

Week 3 23rd Feb 64.2 kg BMI 27.79

Week 4 2nd Mar 63.3 kg BMI 27.4

Week 5 9th Mar 61.8 kg BMI 26.7

Week 6 16th Mar 61.4 kg BMI 26.5

Week 7 23rd Mar 59.5 kg BMI 25.7

Week 8 30th Mar 58.8 kg BMI 25.4

Week 9 6th Apr 59.6 kg BMI 25.79 binged out on chips week before, I admit it!

Week 10 13th Apr 58.0 kg BMI 25.1 paying the price for binge...

Week 11 20th Apr 57.2 kg BMI 24.7

Week 12 27th Apr 56.5 kg BMI 24.4

Week 13 4th May 55.8 kg BMI 24.1

Week 14 11th May 55.3 kg BMI 23.9

Week 15 18th May 54.9 BMI 23.7

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Week 16  25th May 54.2 kg BMI 23.4, body fat % 29.8 (done in the morning, was 42.5% on morning of surgery...).

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Date Weight kg BMI Body Fat %

2nd Feb 70.48 30.5 42.5

9th Feb 67.67 29.28 42

16th Feb 65.7 28.4 40

23rd Feb 64.22 27.79 39.6

2nd Mar 63.32 27.4 39.3

9th Mar 61.87 26.77 37.8

16th Mar 61.41 26.5 37.8

23rd Mar 59.5 25.73 37

30th Mar 58.87 25.4 36.2

6th Apr 59.69 25.83 35.1

13th Apr 58.05 25.12 34.8

20th Apr 57.24 24.77 35

27th Apr 56.5 24.45 34

4th May 55.88 24.18 32.9

11th May 55.38 23.96 33.4

18th May 54.97 23.79 31.2

25th May 54.24 23.47 29.8

1st June 53.97 23.35 30.4

8th June 53.97 23.35 28.7

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