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There always doing this and it does take ages for the blood levels to reside. If I remember correctly mine took a whole year to correct itself

and now I haven't been back to the doc for anything weight related in 2 1/2 years.

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I don't  have a problem with cholesterol, glucose or anything like that. I'm guessing either low potassium again (due to medication for my Menieres Disease), low iron stores or thyroid.)

Ah well, we shall see.

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Blood test results:


Borderline low iron stores.

For 3 day poop sample collection, to start iron tablets, and recheck bloods in 2/12.

Maybe a colonoscopy next year...


All the other results were good :)


Also, need to have another pelvic ultrasound as I have signs of 1+ more ovarian cysts again (pain for 6 days). I had three removed in June.


But apart from that, doing very well :)

It shows how far out of my "energy envelope" (+ wellness envelope) I was earlier this year.

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My blood tests done recently were excellent:
Cholesterol: 4.5 (<5.5)
Triglyceride: 0.6 (<1.8)
HDL Chol: 2.4 (1.1 - 3.5)
Risk Ratio 1.9 (<3.5)
LDL Chol: 1.8 (<3.5)

S-Insulin 9 (<20)
Glucose 5.4 (3.5-5.4) - I would like to get that down.

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