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I have a dear friend who is vehemently opposed to me having gastric sleeving.

She is adamant that I try "The HCG Diet", that it will 'reset my metabolism', and cure my obesity.

She cannot believe that I am going to have the surgery without trying this first.

(She gets very passionate about new things, but after a while the passion fades - I have seen this phase many times!)

She still couldn't come up with one good reason why I shouldn't have the surgery - this was a challenge that I posed to her earlier this week. It had to have empirical evidence.

Am I going to do "The HCG Diet"?




By Pieter Cohen, MD, Cambridge Health Alliance, Harvard Medical School

This is the contents of my last email to her (she had just left after visiting me this afternoon :) )

"My gut reaction to the HCG diet was "No" , in fact even before you told me what it was called and we were discussing stuff on phone and email this was the reaction I got.

in fact, just a little while ago when I was doing "The Poo Round" and thinking about this diet, the words "This will send xxx loopy" came to me.


Remember, we made an agreement:

I do my surgery, you are going to do this diet that you so adamantly wanted me to do...and couldn't believe that I would go ahead and have the surgery without trying this first.

1st Jan weigh (and you said that you would do photos!!!) - how about we do measurements as well? we can keep photos and measurements just for our own records and not share :)

6 month - repeat

12 month - repeat"

I wonder if she will still be doing it?

Good luck to her!

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This is from my friend who is going to do the HCG Diet (good luck to her - let's watch the kilos pile back on when she comes off it!

She is going to use "the German globuli".

email reply from her:

"You know, all of the info you sent me came from sites that are mainstream medicine proponents, don’t believe in homeopathy and talk about injecting the actual hormone or using hormone drops.

They also say that you won’t get the nutrients you need without supplementation – and that’s exactly right! That’s why I will be supplementing very well, so I probably get more nutrients than I get now

And of course everyone will lose weight with eating so little, but without being hungry and having lots of energy? I just want to confirm that that is really possible! I also believe A. who told me that she didn’t lose any muscle mass when she did her first course."


So reckons that the homeopathic HCG will stop her hunger, and she will be able to stick to 500 cals/day for 3/52



Also she was refuting gastric sleeving yet she can provide no evidence of good clinical trials (randomised, blinded, end points) re the HCG diet.  And she has a PHD!  (Doctorate!)  so she should be good at reading data and critical analyses (+ she had medical training).




"All good then! Because the homeopathic preparation doesn’t contain any hCG"

Why bother taking them then?



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