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Obese, but fit



I've just walked 1km back from the shops, having done a circuitous route via the park to get there (had to buy dog bones for the houndies - Spud Shed In Kelmscott do nice ones).

This was carrying 18 kg and walking two Greyhounds.

Pre-coffee this am I checked my BP (using correct technique) and it was a pleasing 113/69.

A massive improvement from earlier this year when I was still working 2/7 and had inadequately treated sleep apnoea, BP then went up to 163/83. I had to have a 24 hour BP monitor applied.

Now I am feeling much better than a couple of months ago with a ME/CFS relapse, my appetite has diminished, and I find it easier to go low carb.

My blood tests done recently were excellent:

Cholesterol: 4.5 (<5.5)

Triglyceride: 0.6 (<1.8)

HDL Chol: 2.4 (1.1 - 3.5)


Risk Ratio 1.9 (<3.5)

LDL Chol: 1.8 (<3.5)

S-Insulin 9 (<20)

Glucose 5.4 (3.5-5.4) - I would like to get that down.


So I guess, that's not bad for a 51 year old with chronic medical problems and who society looks down on and judges as 'fat' (along with all the connotations of that!).

At this rate I could pass the pack hike test for fire-fighters! (done it before and passed).

I didn't go for it this year as I knew that I wouldn't pass the medical due to the chronic medical problems.

Anyway, I am no longer working there, so now just working casually in my original career.


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I am working on the principle that the healthier and fitter I am pre-op as I can be (albeit the ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia), the better my surgical and post-op outcomes will be.

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