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10 Days Post Surgery



Hi All,

So today is 10 days since I had the sleeve.

So far so good. I am on puree food at the moment however I am having a shake for breakfast so as to get enough protein and other good stuff in. I have managed not to over eat however I am suffering constipation. I am taking a laxative for this to fix it up but will be adding more fiber into the diet.

I haven't been game to take the dressing off the wounds. i have changed them but not quite ready yet. An interesting effect is that my belly is a lot looser and i need to support it with a pillow to lay on my side. Even then it isn't too comfortable so I have just propped myself up on pillows at night to sleep.

I am off all painkillers and have been for a while. Also not taking any other meds. No re-flux or acid issues . Quite happy with that.

Dietitian appointment on Tuesday and that will make 2 weeks from surgery.




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That is great to hear halfy!


I think I waited a week to take my dressings off, but then I kept redressing them for a couple of weeks and using a wound gel. I agree having something on the wounds makes you feel more secure.


You got the sleeve right? Good luck at your dietician appointment.

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All great hews!

I'm pleased that your recovery is going uneventfully.

Thank you for the update, keep them coming! 

All the best :)

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