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My 2014

Angel Butterfly


This will be my last blog for the year, so it might a whopper....

My birthday, 13th March, held special significance this year, it was my first appt with my Surgeon for WLS. From that day forth this year has been a whirlwind. All of my WLS journey is documented in my profile, so I shall spare the double up on typing. But if anyone has read that, they will know of my ups and downs. Even as recent as the past few weeks having fluid put back in after my NZ holiday, to fluid being removed (same amount) because I could barely swallow my own saliva! The sad part being, the amount I had in, was what I had in the band before my holiday. So now I sit with 4.5ml for Christmas, feeling like I have little to no restriction, alot of port pain (needle got bent on fluid withdrawal) and with the Surgeon away for Christmas, my results from Friday's ultrasound will be sitting on his desk until 5th January 2015.

Setback yes, but with that said, I have lost 32 kgs this year, B/P is good, cholesterol is great, I can walk, jog, swim and do things I never thought possible. I have a waist, who knew! And I have energy out the whazoo. My diabetes is well controlled and I rarely experience Fibro flare-ups like I used too. I am more confident and proud of who I am, I now sport a tattoo on my left ankle and this year for Christmas, my hair has splices of red and green!

I've met some wonderful people from this website too and had alot of giggles. Some of whom I've shared their journey personally and been there with them at their bedside post surgery and others via the phone. I've gained alot of knowledge from others, especially missy, with our similar stomach issues and starting weights. The laughs and jokes have been very important to this whole experience for me, as this IS who I am. So thank-you for the humour, guidance and experience so many of you have given me this year.

For those that celebrate Christmas, I hope all your wishes come true and it is spent with your loved ones. Please spare a thought for the shift workers and all those not with their families over the coming weeks.

I soooo want to say pig out for Chrissie! But, I won't....hehe, well I can think it! We all knows what happens when we do right? Let's just hope for a stuck free day :P

AB aka Ang x

Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year


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What a year! 

Apart from some setbacks, it has all ended really well (albeit the last one).

So get your party hat on, wear your tinsel, randomly start singing Christmas songs and enjoy!

By the time you hit your birthday again in March (geeze, what a way to celebrate your day this year lol!), you will look back and reflect on how far you have come in a year.  I hope that you have kept a journal (I will be). And you will be going "Wow.  I can't believe that I am the same woman".  And I don't mean just weight wise, I mean mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.

2015 IS just going to keep getting better and better for you, and I can feel that there will be the start of something new and exciting for you in that year.

All the best :)

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Merry Christmas and a huge THANK YOU for your love, support, honesty and laughs since I joined this amazing website, may we all roll into 2015 as "losers"!!!! Lol xxx

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hehe @ "losers" love it! Aww @ your kind words, right back at you girl, I appreciate all of yours as well. I enjoy your visits! xo stay safe and have a great New Years too xox

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