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2 Weeks post op and all is well



Today is 2 weeks post op.

Had a dietitian appointment this morning. She was very happy with my progress including my fluid intake however I still need to work on that.

The sleeve is behaving itself. I have had no drugs (buscopan antacid etc) since 15/12/14 with no issues whatsoever.... no pain, no acid, no vomiting. The only issue I have is constipation which is something I am working on.

The dietitian said I can move to soft foods on a trial and error basis just to make sure I chew really well and don't try tackle a steak yet lol :D

21.9kg down since starting opti (total) and 7.9kg since surgery. I am expecting the weight loss to slow a little as I introduce more food back into the diet.

Anyway just thought I would keep people posted.

Have a great Christmas all. :D


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Apart from the constipation (!), that's all really good news!!!

I bet that you can't believe that, including  the good work you did on Opti, you have lost over 20 kgs!!!

That's more than a couple of clothes sizes!


Well done! :)  and have a great Christmas.

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