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My journey thus far



I hit rock bottom at 24 years old, 158 cm tall and 101.8 kg a size 18 - 20... I was disappointed that I'd let myself go. It's not that I was living in a cloud, I have always been aware and conscious of my weight, I had tried to exercise and lose weight which I could never sustain.

That day, early September 2014 I decided that was it, it was time to change my ways before I faced a premature death. I was sick of being the fat one!!

I have been deeply inspired and supported by a wonderful friend, it was not long after this day I rang her and said that I wanted to have a band put in. She never judged nor criticized me for she herself had walked the same road.

The first picture is me at 96 kg, I'd lost about 6 kg prior to that photo being taken.

I was banded on 16/12/14 at 77.8 kg. The second picture shows my incisions 1 day after surgery and the third picture reveals how faint my incisions are 14 days post operation.

I've had a marvellous recovery, started walking quite early on and have (not so) gradually increased the intensity to now include light strength training, cycling and long walks!!

Today, on the 30/12 I weigh 75.3, I'm very excited that I'm (only) 13 - 15 kg from an ideal weight of 60kg - haven't weighed that since early high school I reckon!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2015 and beyond!!



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Great work but I'm. Bit confused when you got banded were you already down to 77.8 on the 16/12 if so did you lose all that weight pre optifast ?

I'm 2 weeks away from getting done and so so nervous I'm camping at the moment and I start the optifast 1/1 so this is going to be interesting whilst camping but new start to a new year .....

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Fantastic!!!  And very well done.


What a great way to start 2015!


You'll be  buying yourself some new clothes at the New Year Sales!!




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Thanks for the support!! Hutch, I lost 26 kg pre op through diet, exercise and medication from the dr which isn't a long term fix! While I was out of the obese range my surgeon was happy to install a "maintenance band" to help me keep the weight off! That's what I've always struggled with! !

I'm very much looking forward to new clothes in 2015 :D love to you all

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Hi BHgirl,


Do you mind if i ask...Was it Duromine that you were on? My Doc put me on it 1 month before my banding.


All The best



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Hey Mel, Yep that's the one!! Very effective stuff but highly potent and yeah not a long term fix. It was wonderful that I could overlap the medication with my banding :D

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