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Maintaining Weight Without Losing More, My Dietician's Guidelines Today at Visit

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Maintaining Weight Without Losing More , My Dietician's Guidelines Today at Visit

I am 3 weeks shy of my 6/12 anniversary and have passed the dieticians goal weight for me and the lower goal weight I set for me (she had agreed that it was realistic and achievable).

I have reached a weight at which I don't want to lose any more, with a BMI of 20.68

I saw my dietician today (I have had a total of 7 visits) with the goal for today's visit of getting guidelines on how to maintain my weight where it is and not to lose anymore.

I was congratulated on the weight loss that I have achieved, and she recognised that I already eat a healthy diet and am very well read and informed.

So, basically the advice she gave me was to concentrate on protein and healthy fats and to increase amounts of nuts, avocado.

(She knew I was anti-carbohydrate - hey, that's why I got obese in the first place! in that I didn't want to maintain using strategies such as eating rice...)

We also discussed the new Healthy Eating Pyramid and it's move away from refined carbohydrates...and also how I believe that all the previous 'healthy diet guidelines' were detrimental for those on the slippery slope to and with diabetes Type 2.

Another concern of mine is since me having an ileus and small bowel obstruction recently following abdominal wall surgery and basically not eating for 2/52 my stomach appears to have...shrunk. My intake in a single sitting appears to be about 1/4 cup food... ie the size of one poached egg. And I don't snack between meals. But I am sure that this situation will remedy itself :)

So I am prepared that I will probably drop another kg or so until my intake improves, and according to my research if my carb intake is still low increasing healthy fats won't actually make me gain weight, in fact I'll keep on losing.

I'll ask her what her 'end point' weight for me would be, she was happy for my end point to be what it is now, but wondering if she would say another couple of kgs lighter? She is tiny herself, about my height, but I see her as much smaller.

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