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Hey tishtish


just watch you video spoken from your heart well done.....

i need all the help I can get I'm stuck not moving much now  any tips on restarting the sluggish engine  I'm seeming to be at a stalled moment with my weight  also any tips on what's got the most fibre cause not much is happening  in the down stairs department either.  

My most frustrating bit is trying to find good nourishing protein foods to take to work for lunch I seem to be living on the homemade soups and I'm getting a little sick of them 

I know you will have some great ideas 

you could write a book on what a typical days meals look like for you when you were first starting out.....

i await in anticipation for your ideas





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Good ideas Hutch. I'll get to work on some tips for plateaus, fibre and protein lunches. You won't be seeing me write a book ... I can write a blog, but not a book ... lol.

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