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Optifast - Ewww

So I have had my band for about 3 & 1/2 months now. I have had reasonable weight loss. 16kgs, & I want to lose approx. another 32kg.

My diet can be pretty good however, binge eating is something I have struggled with for many, many years (along with depression & a range of other thing which exacerbate binging) anywho..after 2 days where I binged on chocolate and ice-cream (went to the shops after a cross-fit session & was starving & went a little crazy, of coarse, once I had all the crap in my house I could help but eat it all) I decided a good way to try get the scales to move again would be a 2 week diet. I am not a big fan of diets because overall I think they are bullshit, I believe that healthy eating needs to be a lifestyle thing, but I have to have some balance because sugar is my thing. So optifast is VLCD, its what dr prescribes pre op so 2 weeks should be good, and with the band my hunger is a million times more controllable than in the past so I figured I should be able to get through if I stay focused, Well I made a shake or dinner tonight (no time like the present + tomorrow never comes) and I COULD NOT BELIEVE how absolutely DISGUSTING it tasted!! I do not know how I drank it before but there is NO WAY I can continue to drink them, they are going straight in the bin. I am loathe to spend any money to buy more either, I don't think it's likely I will find any I like.

So back to square one to figure out what is going to be a good 2 week kick started...I have started making protein shakes with plenty of healthy added extras but I don't know if I would be getting enough of what my body need to use this as a meal replacement.

Well bye for now <3 


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When I'm too lazy or rushed I'll get the chocolate Up and go Energize. It does have 16g protein v the normal ones about 8g. Not a complete meal like Optifast but I really only keep them in the fridge for occasional use.  I think there's also a vanilla that you could add berries etc to taste better.

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