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Medicare Rebate Tummy Tuck, Potential Plastic Surgery For Me




Just discovered this site - and hopefully this gives those of us who have excess skin from weight loss as opposed to post-pregnancy (different Medicare items) hope:



I am going to see a plastic surgeon tomorrow (!) re my saggy, baggy, wrinkly tum and my arms - I'm not just talking "tuck shop" or "bat wings" or "ta ta's", I am talking the upper ie visible surface of them on the upper arm - BAD crinkles. (I seem to have lived the last 20+ years in 3/4 length sleeves *sigh* to hide my upper arms. ALWAYS had big arms :( )

Dr Sam Cunneen, West Perth.


I am also having a nurse consult at another practice next week - this is the practice that my bariatric/hernia surgeon is affiliated to, so I guess that if he is affiliated to them, and if they give me a GOOD  discount, then I'm going to have it done while I still have some Medicare and top level Medibank rebate, 'cos when I move back to NZ (whenever that may be) - I would NEVER be able to afford it there.


On full Disability Pension now too,

And I have already gone above the "Safety Net" for Medicare this year, so should get more back as rebates, hopefully.

Dr Hanh Ngeyen, Nedlands.

Will keep you posted..

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I have worked with Hanh @ Hollywood Private, he is a great surgeon! You are in good hands. . .  Would you have the surgery at Hollywood? 

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