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Sugar and carbs and fat - who's right?

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Sugar and carbs and fat - who's right?

There is a definite 'medical' row on at the moment. Things don't get much bitterer in medicine than they are at the moment - and it's about food guidelines.

Here's the summary.

The USA food guidelines are being rewritten at present and will be the recommendation for the next 5 years. This affects the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the USA and around the world as many countries including Australia take their lead from the USA.

The recommendation that currently stands is to pretty well continue on recommending sugar, carbs and avoiding saturated fat. As far as I am concerned this is nonsense and I am not alone. The British Medical Journal has allowed this piece from Nina Tiecholz to be published and they are backing her all the way.

The BMJ has been quite vocal from an editorial aspect for some time about flawed research findings, particularly from the US journals, and is questioning several established practices.

Not surprisingly the backlash from the US is there and is getting quite ‘colourful’ on Twitter. Who is funding the associations being quoted? ‘Big food’ and ‘Big pharmaceutical’. I am sticking with the British underdogs on this one.

Interesting times.

The BMJ article


The other side


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I can't say what's right for the entire world, but for me, sugar and bad carbs, in my body, are like poison. Saturated fat is ok. You wouldn't believe how much butter I eat and my weight has been pretty stable, but give me a couple of days eating sugar and carbs and I blow up with so much fluid retention it's mad. If I relax and give in to carbs and sugar for a few weeks, or months, actual fat weight starts piling back on .... not just fluid weight. My body is happiest, and most stable, following low carb, as little (added) sugar as possible, as little processed food as possible, as much fruit and veges as I can get into me, high protein, and plenty of good fats. The only fats I really avoid are trans fats.

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