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I am back - you are lapbanded to lose weight so eat like a lapbander

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Life... Just realised that it will be 4 years for my lapbandanniversary in January 2016. A time I would really like to be at goal weight.

I think my weight is between 102 and 105 kg right now and I need to work on being back to 97kg ASAP so i feel and know that i am back to my second pre preg / 6 month band success weight before I fell pregnant. I feel so blessed as I type this, I am sitting next to my beautiful 2 daughters 4.4 and 2.6 years old. My beautiful girls for whom I want to live as long as physically possible and to be healthy and a wonderful role model.


So its time to hop on the bandwagon. I joined the Glen Iris braiatic centre and saw doc there about 3 times so far for band adjustments.. I lost about 6 kg in a year which i am happy about but when i was scared to eat solids I went and got band a bit loosened. I need to consider nutirition, calories, exercises, water drinking etc. I am eating yummy home cooked meals made by mom so i cant complain and band is definitely giving me signs on when to stop eating. Started eating what a normal person would eat though and glad not over eating but definitely need to start eating like what a banded person should be eating.

I am feeling utterly completely exhausted most days. I am not sure whats bringing this, i did blood tests and its all fine. I am starting to feel as tired as i was feeling when i decided i needed this surgery, I really need to lose weight and get back to my goal weight so my body can function at its optimum and mind too. I feel like i am not letting ppl complete their sentences, getting v impatient, jumping a bit from topic to topic, not able to maintina house clean/ have 0 motivation and all that jazz. 


I actually went on youtube to watch what is involved internally when they do the lapband surgery. certainly has put things in perspective and i need to start working on this lap banded body to get to my goal weight. my new mantra is you are lapbanded to lose weight so eat like a lapbander. I am not watching what n how much n when am eating, i need to go back to my fitness pal for calorie counting and do a log of all i am eating so let me start by writing and being accountable for each day :


Today I woke up at 8am and between getting 2 kids ready for kinder , packing lunch boxes, giving them breakfast and all I made myself an instast coffee with 1 sugar but i hated it so didnt drink much. instead i took mum out for brunch. I had 10am COFFEE WITH 1 SUGAR, 2 SOURDOUGH TOAST WITH AVOCADO FETA N TOMATO. Then for lunch 2pm  I had SCRAMBLED EGG ON A BROWN TOAST. For early dinner 4.45pm 3 POORIS, CUSTARD WITH FRUITS. Then i took my daughter for her dance class and was angry n hungry at 8pm so ate 4 POORIS, CUSTARD WITH FRUITS. WATER = 1 glass.

I need to use smaller vessels to eat in and follow all lap band rules. 




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