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Hi wishing,

I could have written your post myself ( except for netball knees) and ive struggled forever. Im 54 and started at 108.8kgs. Had my sleeve op 1 week ago, in fact going for my follow up appointment tomorrow. Just wanted to wish you well and may your surgery be painless with not too much vomiting.


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Thank you so much soul sister! How did the op go? Bearable? While I'm still super excited I am feeling a bit nervous now it's creeping closer. It's actually comforting to know others are going through the same thing at (close to) the same time. I can cope with most things, but I hate vomiting! Ugghhhh! 

I've been reading about the post op food, and have spoken with a dietition, but it's still a bit hard to get my head around how to get enough in nutritionally. I'd be interested in hearing how you manage.

I hope your appointment went well today.


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