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9 Month Update



All going well here now.
I had a couple of unwell months with diarrhoea and weakness, and had dropped down to 41.82 kg, body fat 18.6% a couple of weeks ago.  My GP was starting to get concerned when I got down to 45 kg, which was the level at which Jo Anne Dembo had said that she didn't want me under, and to contact her if I did.
I have to say that I am very disappointed with Jo Anne Dembo.
I last saw her in July (I had a total of seven visits to her, five under a Chronic Disease Management Plan) and we discussed the problems with my diarrhoea (she just advised me to increase my fibre and to have smooth peanut butter.  We also discussed strategies for me to maintain my weight without losing more, to which she advised me to increase my intake of "healthy" fats such as avocado.
I contacted the day after that appt as I have done a huge amount of reading on diets etc, and all my reading indicated that maintaining a low-carb higher fat diet would actually just lead to more weight loss...didn't hear back on that one.
I have cut out sugar and other sugar substitutes, and refined carbohydrates (I have been a big proponent of low carb for years, obviously had a big problem with portion control and occasional carb-fests to get me obese lol!).
Interesting reading:  http://whatthefatbook.com/top-tip-tuesday-20th-oct-profiling-nic-gill-for-wtf-sports-performance/ 
Anyway, my weight loss continued along with the diarrhoea.  I kept advising her by email, and heard nothing from her.
I went to my GP last month, did a stool test and grew Campylobacter, for which I was put on antibiotics as my GP did not want me to lose any more weight.  The antibiotics worked well, and I have put on a bit of healthy weight, my nausea has gone and food intake has increased.
She also wanted me to go back to Jo Anne Dembo, I didn't go as I really didn't think that Jo Anne could offer me anything new, and we had already discussed the issues back in July.
So this is where I am:

MonthDateWeightBMIBody Fat %
0 2nd Feb70.4830.542.5
1  2nd Mar63.3227.439.3
6th Apr59.6925.8335.1
4th May55.8824.1832.9
1st June53.9723.3530.4
5 6th July48.8921.1226.4
3rd August46.5320.1323.6
7th September45.9919.9920.6
5th October43.5418.819.2
9  2nd November43.6318.8817.2

I am very happy with that.
I am a mini-me, and have resorted to wearing boys shorts/jeans, ages 8-10.
I've had two consults at Sculpt Surgery for abdominoplasty and bilateral arm lift.  They were really lovely there, but came in lots more expensive than who I have decided to go with, Sam Cunneen.
I am booked at Bethesda Nov 17th.
And if all goes well, will be looking at having bilateral thigh and breast lifts.


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