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I like this!

It would cover all the incisions from the circumferential abdominoplasty, + also when I have the breast and thigh lift, would be suitable (Ot5herwise I'd want something supportive for the boobies):

 I can't work out the sizing though, and as in no need for swim wear (my boys age 8 Op Shop board shorts +/- bikini top will have to suffice for now, I haven't been at the beach since Jan 2014 anyway :(  )

So, in no hurry to purchase now.  But it's the first pair of bathers that I have seen and liked for a long time!






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Oh My Freaking God !!! I NEED this bikini !

I've tried on a bra similar to this style and the only reason I didn't buy it was cause it didn't have the support I need with my ridiculous boobs. It would have been a "for special" bra only and I don't have a "for special" person in my life right now ... lol.

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