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So i went and saw the doc for my pre op surgery appointment and he didn't  say much about the 10kg i had lost just that i needed to loose another 5kg before my op. 

Don't know why i was expecting a job well done, but i kind of was. No one in my life has really said much about it, other then my best friend. So i feel kind of disappointed that i have done all this hard work and no one has noticed  or if they have said nothing. I think its a bit selfish, but iam allways the one to tell people they look good if they have lost weight or that their hair/clothes/makeup looks good. I just want someone to say it back!! 

But enough worring about other ppl i think, i need to complement myself, and encourage myself. Don't  know why i feel i need to have others say it. Why can't  i just be strong on my own? Why can't  i keep myself motivated? Hopefully i find the answers on my journey. 


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You might want to look into the compliments thing, ive lost 40kg and the only people who have said anything was my mum and she knows about the surgery and one friend.

Not one other person has said anything, i honestly believe its because people don't feel comfortable saying anything. Keep your chin up you're doing this for you.

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Oh dear.... Most surgeons are not known for their sparkling wit and charm.....just down to business! 

10 kg is awesome and bloody hard work as we all know, so good for you! It will make things even better for op day. Hang in there and keep telling yourself how fabulously you're doing!  :D

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