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3 days PO

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Three day out from the op on Monday. I started off really well, went for the the barium swallow, came back and went downhill fast! Tuesday was a nightmare, I felt so sick, tired and miserable. The drain is still leaking so I won't be going home today as planned.....very disappointed. It is certainly easy to know when I've sipped too fast....awful feeling! But.... I am feeling much better and I know this phase won't last long! Onward and upward (or should that be downward??) 



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Thanks youngbelle!

Feeling great but still in hospital with bleeding from the drain. Very frustrating but I understand the Dr is just being cautious...and that's a good thing! 

Interestingly my sweet tooth has completely vanished! I have to water down the juices because they're so sweet, and I've always taken sugar in tea. I can't stand the sweetness now. I wonder if that will go away as I recover....

It's amazing that hunger can disappear so completely too! Before the op I constantly felt hungry, I know it's only been five days but now I barely think about it. Does the hunger return I wonder? 

Anyway.....tucked up for hopefully my last night here!


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