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1st "Surgiversary"

To catch you up:

  • My house did not sell.
  • Mum (in NZ) had to put the unit that she had bought on my behalf (in Orewa) , on the market (obviously, due to financial reasons).    https://www.barfoot.co.nz/533537  Mum, and my sister Pam) put a lot of effort into this place, and it had remodelled kitchen, bathroom, repainted, new carpets etc etc etc.
  • Yes, it looked wonderful.
  • Yes, the  Orewa lifestyle would have been magnificent.
  • That unit sold. (Settlement was 11th/12th Jan this year, I don't know exact dates).

Current Medication:
Before Breakfast:

  • 2 paracetamol/2 Panadol Osteo (depending on what day I have ahead of me...) for... your choice...:  ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Osteo arthritis hips etc ...I can't stand...feel horrendous, have muscle pain, and "post-exertional malaise" (believe me, that sends you straight to bed)  lasting into the next couple of days...
  • 50 mg Lyrica (Fibroymyalgia)
  • Duloxetine 60 mg (Fibromyalgia/ME/CFS - works wonderfully!) Put on this by my Rheumatologist, Dr Antonia Cole @ Hollywood Specialist  Medical Centre, Nedlands.  Bless her!!!
  • Moduretic 50/5 (Menieres Disease, to reduce the fluid in the inner ear)
  • +/- "Serc" (Menieres Disease - too ferkin' expensive), "Seniere" (also expensive) 16 mg Betahistine dihydrodrochloride  as needed
  • +/- "Panadeine Forte" (prescribed.   I haven't used, I believe that I have - thankfully - a pretty high pain tolerance)
  • +/- "Stemitil" (Prochlorperazine) 5mg (poxy Menieres Disease...)

Post Breakfast  (which tends to be about 1030 am:)

  • 1 general multi-vitamin/mineral
  • 6000 mg Gingko Biloba (just recently, as I have given myself  haemorrhagic gastritis in the past - this was pathology taken from a gastric endoscopy done September 2013, taking 2000 mg Gingko biloba on an empty stomach) -  to increase the blood flow to my inner ears.  This was recommended to me by my ENT - Paul Yuen -  surgeon in relation to the Menieres Disease...).  Benefit - now I am back on it, I have noticed...that my poxy memory has started to improve again. I managed to combine menopause + ME/CFS + Fibromyalgia 2014/2015 lol!  And lost my job with DPaW!  "Employer Initiated Retirement On The Grounds Of Ill-Health".)
  • "Nature's Way"  "Joint Restore Triple Action"  Glucosomine + Chondroitin +  MSM, x 1, for Osteo arthritis hips, (+ mainly left hand - c/o Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/ Reflex Regional Sympathy).
  • +/- OTC Ibuprofen 200 mg + Codeine Phosphate 12.8 mg in view of prospected day ahead...
  • +/- OTC "Nagestic Forte" Curcumin 6.074 mg if I remember... If I know that I am going to have a REALLY physical day...
  • +/- Ventolin puffer (prescribed) when I remember, or when I am REALLY having problems...
  • +/- Becotide puffer (prescribed) when I remember, or when I am REALLY having problems...
  • +/- And...this is really slack on my behalf..."Flo CRS" Nasal Irrigation followed by (prescribed) "Nasonex" (prescribed) nasal spray...when I remember...when my nose is REALLY bugging me oe O can't breathe through my nose....at all...

"Meniett" machine $2,500.00  to try to relieve poxy Menieres symptoms... when I remember... ( Sleep study showed that "Mandibular Adjustment Splint" - $2,500.00  - become redundant...didn't control UARS/Sleep Apnoea...).
Throughout the day:

[*]+/- OTC Ibuprofen 200 mg + Codeine Phosphate 12.8 mg in view of prospected day ahead...
[*]2 paracetamol/2 Panadol Osteo (depending on what day I have ahead of me...)
7.5 mg Mirtazapine (prescribed) - to sleep.  The Duloxetine "revs" me up too much.  And I don't.  Sleep.  + WAY TOO MANY sleep behaviour disorders! (Diagnosed on sleep study.  STILL have Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome).  I sleep "like a good baby" on this lol!
1 x Night-time part of multi-vitamin/mineral ("Nature's Own - Restore Multivitamin Day and  Night Formula For Women").

  • I am still here (24 Ward Cres, Kelmscott WA 6111).
  • And the unit in Orewa would never had been 'mine' .  Mum (turning 85 this coming March!!!) and my sister, had put too much work into it.  "Entitling" them to call it "Theirs"  and ...dictating... what I could do, and what I couldn't do.

"Things happen for a reason".

  • My life is no longer "on hold", as it was from January 2015.
  • Spiritually, I got given, "The timing wasn't right".
  • I have "Moved On" in many ways.
  • I have "Taken The Leap Of Faith".
  • Gone on with 'plans'.


  • I had plastic reconstructive surgery with Mr Hanh Nguyen & team at Hollywood Hospital 4th December 2015 (arms, abdominoplasty, and "belt lipectomy").  "Sculpt Surgery".
  • I can not fault them  (just only a couple of niggles with Hollywood, but nothing outstanding as at Murdoch SJOGH).
  • "Sculpt Surgery" - Theresa and Hanh - were fantastic.
  • And have adopted a boy foster Rescue Greyhound, Zumba, the day before Christmas (I hads fostered him for four months, so knew his personality).
  • Also, have gone back to fostering Rescue Greyhounds.

I am doing well, and very, very happy that I had had the Gastric Sleeve.

12 Month  Measurements   
 2/02/2015 2/02/2016 
WEIGHT70.44 KG155.4 LB43.36 KG95.6 LB
BODY FAT %42.5 17.9 
BMI30.5 18.4 
BUST108 CM42.5"82.5 CM32.5"
WAIST 92.5 CM36.5"67 CM26.5"
"APRON/ILIAC CREST"101 CM43"75 CM29.5"
HIPS100 CM40.5"81 CM32"
RT THIGH66 CM26"46 CM18"
LT THIGH66 CM26"45.5 CM 


MonthDateWeightBMIBody Fat %
02nd Feb70.4830.542.5
12nd Mar63.3227.439.3
26th Apr59.6925.8335.1
34th May55.8824.1832.9
41st June53.9723.3530.4
56th July48.8921.1226.4
63rd August46.5320.1323.6
77th September45.9919.9920.6
85th October43.5418.819.2
92nd November43.6318.8817.2
104th December43.6  
111st January 201643.918.6317.2
122nd  February 2016 43.3618.417.9
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