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New update



So I have some time to sit and write an update on how everything is going.

I'm finally under 90kg but only just 89.4kg. So I'm almost at 88kg the last weight I rember being as a teenager. So now I'm almost there I need to set a new target I'm just going to keep it easy and say 80kg. I haven't been working out as much as I should well I haven't done anything at all if I'm honest. I have been working extra hours almost an extra 10hr each week on top of my normal work week so been very tired and just can't be bothered, need a good kick up the bum to get out and do it! 

As for eating, been a bit shit lately not eating as much protein as I should and sometimes skipping a meal. I guess I'm so use to fast food that having to cook just takes to much time and energy. I want food and I want it now and I don't want to have to cook. But then on the other side I could never eat fast food again as just looking at it makes me feel sick so does seeing such huge portions, like really I use to eat that much?! How I ever fit in so much food I don't know!

I really want to make fresh, beautiful, healthy food but don't really know how. When ever I try it doesn't work. Some how I always manage to over salt or spice stuff, can fix it by not adding salt till its done. Then I buy all this fresh food and not end up cooking it and it gos to the dog not that shes complaining lol. There are thing I would buy and cook but I know I would be the only one eating it and I'm not going to eat much so there seems to be no point in buying it! Its very frustrating to find things to make  the hole family will eat. 

So my food in a day gos a bit like this

Breakfast- Coffee then half an hour latter: fruit smoothy or bake beans on toast or just the toast depends on time.

Morning tea- coffee

Lunch- 2 cruskets with peanut butter and oats sprinkled on top or a bit of chicken or nothing sometimes I'm so busy at work I don't stop for lunch.

Afternoon tea- decaf coffee

Tea- meat of some kind with rice or cous cous, or meat and veg if I can be botherd or what ever I can find in the fridge.

Then I end the day with another decaf coffee.

Yes I drink a lot of coffee but I don't drink cold drinks. This is a normal work day, if I'm at home there is more coffee and tea is a lot better coz I have had time to make something. I wish I had a person chef!! Lol don't we all?

Crap lost my train of thought. Well I want to post some pics of before all this started and some of me now but my computer is being upgraded so can't just yet. I haven't even seen before and after photos I have them of me in my bra and nickers I will be embarrassed when I do post them but I think I need too to make it seem real coz at the moment I see the different in my clothes and what other ppl say but when I'm naked by myself in the shower I look the same and feel the same, I know the scales say I have lost 41kg but I just don't see it when I look at my body. This is why I need to see the photos and put them next to each other so I CAN see it! But part of me won't be convenience till I don't have such a rolly fat tummy the part I hate the most. I know I shouldn't say thos things about myself and be more positive but its hard to do that all the time.

On another note, got a letter to remind me I'm due for a pap smear! So if its been 2 years since your last pap smear plz go and get one! And have your breast exam at the same time. 

Well that's it for now as miss 2 has decided to jump all over me.

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Hello, if you'd like some advice or recipes, feel free to ask, I'm completing a degree in Nutritional medicine and formerly owned a catering company....happy to help!

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