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Pre/Post Op6 y



Pre Op

The day finally arrived to start my pre op "diet". This is required to soften my liver so they can access my stomach. Ended up starting the next day (probably why I was given 2 1/2 weeks and not 2). I did surprisingly well. The first 3 days were complete torture. My dietician and surgeon allowed me to have non carb snacks such as carrots, broccoli and even diet jelly. By the end of the 2 1/2 weeks I was pretty happy with a couple of shakes.

I was 99kg to start.

By the time I arrived at the hospital I weighed in at 92.5 kgs.

My goal weight is 72kg.

Not bad 20% down prior to banding.

On the way to the hospital I desperately wanted to pull in to the fish and chip shop or maccas or anywhere and get some food. No solids for the next 4 - 6 weeks. I would surely die - or be a mere shadow of my former self. But that's the point. If I don't do this I will die sooner than expected. A plethora of health issues weight related, not to mention self esteem. And a history of heart disease. I need to do this.

There was a bit of a wait at the hospital, sitting around in a gown with no undies on and some crazy compression stockings.

Finally, it was time to kiss hubby goodbye. As I headed to the operating room I couldn't help but cry. I had done this to myself, my body. I had made all the bad choices that had got me here. I couldn't control my eating. I needed to do this for me, my son, my husband, my life.

Next thing I knew was I was out cold....


Post Op

This is not glamorous... Not at all.

I woke up screaming down the recovery room. The pain through my body was unbearable (and I've had a baby).

The nurses were quick to give me 1, then a second, then a third dose of pain killers. I calmed.

My body was shaking and trembling from the gas.

I think I may have fallen in and out of a drug consciousness. 

I was wheeled to my room and heard the sound of my husband and son. They were talking in the hallway and I came past unexpectedly.

I started to cry again.

I wanted the mask off not to frighten my son.

I could barely stay awake to say hello. 

I was out again.


The First night.

The first not was sleepless. I had a lady in the same ward as me who was a little inconsiderate talking on her phone and television blaring. The nurses gave me earplugs. Every time I dosed off the nurse would need to take my BP and for some reason needed to wake me to do so. I had IV fluids and had to go to the bathroom every hour. 

I had many pain killers.


The next day at 10am they sent me home. 

You think that after 100s of surgeries the chemist would know to order all mess in a liquid form... That's another story.



So home 4 days. Mostly sleeping. The first couple of days hardly any liquids. Just those for crushed meds. 

Am starting to have a broth a day and a juice.

Still have not gone to the loo, though I am on benefiber. I will feel better once that is all back to normal.

Still pain in tummy. Lots of gas. 

Mucous cough has subsided so a lot more comfortable.

Weight down to 90.4 - less than 20kg to go.

Can only stay awake for max 2 - 3hrs. Body just needs to heal. 

Pretty sore from lying down.


Looking forward to being able to stand up straight and spend time with my son.





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