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Four days in and feeling good!

Healthy Eater


I want to record the journey of weight loss but I'm a bit distrustful of my scales! On the day of the surgery I recorded 86.5 kilos (my heaviest weight by far) and now - four days later - I'm down to 79.8kilos. That's impossible as far as I'm concerned, so I suspect that my first reading must have been wrong (new scales).

I am a very healthy eater and also do regular, good quality exercise, so I was told that I'd be a great candidate for a Lapband. My issue is simply that I love food and tend to eat more (amount and times per day) than my middle-aged body needs. I also tend to eat too quickly. For all these reasons, a Lapband seemed like a very good option for me. At 50yrs, I know that it is critical for me to get my BMI down to the healthy range (from 31) to prevent chronic disease. This procedure - as far as I'm concerned - is to save and extend my life.

The surgery on Saturday was very easy. I went in in the morning, drifted off to sleep and woke with no fuss and little nausea. I've been a bit sore the last few days - Monday in particular was very uncomfortable as the gas used in the laparoscopy worked it's way out of my abdomen - but it's certainly manageable. I feel a bit like I've swallowed a rock and it hurts to hiccup (!) but otherwise it's all ok.

My appetite is certainly reduced, but not gone.  I'm prompted to think about food when I see it or smell it, but otherwise I really don't think about it until I am clearly hungry (i.e. have only had 50 cals and it's 3pm!). However, what I find very very interesting is that my craving for both coffee and wine has disappeared along with the food cravings! This tells me that so much of my 'appetite' was driven by the reward systems in my brain and not genuine hunger. I knew that cognitively, but it's very interesting to experience that realisation this way.

I'm attaching my 'Before' shots so that I have a record. I really look forward to reaching my goal weight of 62 kilos.

Hips and legs.png


Stomach from side 2.png


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