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12 days after op - so far so good (really good)

Healthy Eater


It's been 12 days since the op and I've continued to lose weight and feel good. I have a strange feeling in my stomach area - not unpleasant, but just strange (not a sensation I've had before). It's a sensation that seems to be associated with feeling full. When I eat, I only need a small amount and I'm not hungry between meals. There's something about the process of eating - when the food passes the band - that triggers that sensation and makes me feel full. It must be the nerves at the top of the stomach communicating with my brain.

Whatever it is, I'm grateful to it because it's doing its job! As I have not yet had a fill, I don't have much trouble eating anything in particular (it's not like my stomach entrance is very small as there's no saline in the lapband at this point) but I'm not sure I'll even need a fill. I'm finding my appetite so reduced and the need to eat when not hungry is gone. It feels like a miracle! Given that I am a very healthy eater, I have just been able to concentrate on eating very high quality, nutrient-dense foods. I'm very focused on getting enough as protein, fruit and veg - particularly fibre. It seems to be going very well and I can feel myself shrinking and shrinking. I've bought a special dress to wear to a wedding in a month's time and I bought a size 40. I would not have fitted into a size 42 a couple of weeks ago.

I"m exercising nearly every day, which I would do normally anyway, but I'm finding it so much easier as I lose weight. I feel lighter and stronger. 

The main thing I'm noticing is that I feel clear-headed and full of energy. It's a great feeling. 

I'm so glad I did this!


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